Lazy Days by Bellarose Photography

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Bellarose Photography
Bellarose Photography

“If I were a bird or bee in a tree

lazy as can be.

I’d sleep the day away,

as the leaves gently sway.”

Poem by Josh C.


PQD: Happiness within our Grasp

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Happiness is a butterfly, which when pursued, is always just beyond your grasp, but which, if you will sit down quietly, may alight upon you.

Nathaniel Hawthorne

It is curious that Hawthorne chooses the butterfly for the center of his imagery. Of course, anyone who has experienced the glorious outdoors has probably had a chance to see these little dancers playing in open space. They are marvelously beautiful to behold, but fascinatingly difficult to catch.

I latched onto this quote because the quote states: “if you it quietly, may alight upon you”. That part of the quote meaning: sometimes you don’t have to conquer and fight for everything in this world. Sometimes we can acquire beautiful things simply by being calm and quiet.

For each person this could have a different meaning: inner peace, a possible relationship, closeness with nature (literally), etc.

The point is: out of the tumult that is our lives; find your inner peace. Search within yourself for the eye of the storm and let the beauty of this world passively pass over you. Experience. Feel. Love.

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Poetry in motion: The Nature of God

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The Nature of God an Original poem by Joshua Colliluori

There is something to be said for standing in God’s shade.

Where the wind caresses and natures tones are mild.

Where breath is passed from the eternal to the mortal.

Where freedom in open land to those who partake in faith.

Where God shades us from the wrath of that wretched, murderous sun.

… For without the sun…

There is a boiling, barren, burning heat.

There in lies the intolerable desolation and smog.

There we find nothing living, and everything is cast from Gods shade.

So, do I pray you find yourself in the umbra of his great mercy.

A young woman and her camera by Bellarose Photography

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A young woman and her camera by Bellarose Photography

I love this picture because for as much as you would like to focus on the beautiful young woman you focus on the things around her. You see she is outlined by beautiful nature, you see her ‘old fashioned camera’, it is a photo that reminds you of the beauty in antiquity and simplicity of nature.

Colton Mountain Photography

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Colton Mountain Photography

Another great photo featuring the beautiful Tricia Stern