Congratulations cast of Miracle on 34th Street

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Congratulations to my wonderful cast members and production staff of Miracle on 34th Street!

I remember as a kid, going out to see the Nutcracker, on such a wonderful December day as this, and the memory and experience had always stuck with me. After seeing that show I had always felt the pull of fate, much like the moon on the ocean, to do a Christmas play.

Fortunately, the theater stars aligned and Miracle on 34th was my chance. From my audition where I stuffed a pillow in my button down shirt, to the “hell-week”  where we were working out the kinks (big and small). All of these will no doubt have cherished moments with the wonderful people in my cast. In my opinion; getting to know and build the foundations of friendship.

Those wonderful people, that I am now happy to call friends, are amazing human beings as well as actors. Indeed community theater fosters a loving and passionate community. Every night of performances they impressed me with their talent and passion. This show would be nothing without all of you and all of the talents that they brought to it.

With more than 3 sold out shows, let that be a testament to all of the hard work. Not only that but you created something amazing.

 I will miss all of you. And I want to wish you all of the best and a very merry Christmas.

As always its not goodbye its see you later.

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Another Hunger Games exclusive from The Makeup Addict!

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Another great work of art by Nikki L. - check her out on facebook with the same tag name.
Another great work of art by Nikki L. – check her out on facebook with the same tag name.

Les Miserables! @ Upper Room Theater Ministry

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I am so incredibly excited to be welcoming my church friends, theater friends, and friends of the arts to come see Upper Room Theater Ministries’ production of Les Miserables! I have not seen it yet, but the quality of prodcution URTM puts out are bar none the best amatuer theater I have ever seen. Love, like hate, is a very powerful word when used correctly, and I love these theater performances.

I had such a strong desire to be in this show, but had committments aside from the show that barred me from at least a cameo role. It was very heart wrenching to me to not be able to perform with these incredible singers and actors/actresses. The roles of: Javert, Marius, and Jean-Val-Jean are dream roles for any practitioner and lover of Musicals. One day that dream will be made into a reality.

But enough about my dream.. I am very proud to be associated with these wonderful people and plan on supporting them 100% of the way. You have to remind yourself as an audience member, “I am part of the reason for theater, too”. Because without an audience there would be no theater.

Congratulations to Rob Tessier (the director), John Downes (Jean-Valjean), and Jeanne Meyers (Cosette), and Julia Downes (young Cossette). You all will be flawless tomorrow and I can’t wait to give you a celebratory high 5 after the show.

Congratulations to the Cast of Les Mis and…

Go see Les Miserables at All Saints Catholic Church, Manassas VA.


I do not own this picture
I do not own this picture

PQD- Keep the Ball Rollin’: A quick bloggers guide to staying positive.

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I feel good today. Yes, I feel GOOD today! But, why would I bother you, my readers, about such a mundane detail?

Because, its anything but boring!

To be honest; I had a good night last night with the play I am co-directing (rehearsal went very well). Now, I have my anxiety about things, and the play is certainly one of them. Even though we are missing some essential actors to play certain roles… we still had a great rehearsal. After my co-director and I left rehearsal I couldn’t help but expressing my brimming excitement and new found positivity about the experience. I could see our actors getting involved and reading the lines with a gusto that made me hunger for our next rehearsal. To me there is nothing greater than creation, and I am sure I have pestered you, my Jesters and Harlequins, with before on several occasions. But, really what is greater than creation? By taking scattered materials and creating a masterpiece is truly God’s gift to man.

Why do I mention creation and my story? Because that is where I find my passion. That is where I find my energy. To that I end I encourage you into action, and into the active partaking of this world and its variety of activity. I am sure that you have been told that by everyone from councilors, parents, and friends that you can “do anything”. While, not entirely true, it does give us hope that we can be free to pursue our future without fear.

The feeling of being energized with positivity and creativity and that is the amazing thing. There is no requirement that you be: athletic, pulchritudinous, Michelangelo, or even be of genius IQ. The requirement for your happiness and positivity starts and ends within you.

Look at all of the world’s greatest people. They were certainly not great at everything, but they were incredible at things that they were impassioned about.

Look inward to find the thing that YOU are passionate about, and make that passion a profession.

To be completely cliche and borrow from another “you are your own biggest advocate”, and that is a mindset we all need to have. What sets you apart from the herd of white collared business people bustling about focusing on the same objective? You are the difference. And to circle back to the theater realm for a second: think about the audition (or interview) process. You have to ‘sell’ yourself to the director (or anyone in life), and you present the best face you can for that person.

Why not put on your best face ALL the time?

Thanks for reading.

“You can search throughout the entire universe for someone who is more deserving of your love and affection than you are yourself, and that person is not to be found anywhere. You, yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection.”
― Gautama Buddha

I do not own this picture. Belongs to
I do not own this picture. Belongs to