Congratulations cast of Miracle on 34th Street

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Congratulations to my wonderful cast members and production staff of Miracle on 34th Street!

I remember as a kid, going out to see the Nutcracker, on such a wonderful December day as this, and the memory and experience had always stuck with me. After seeing that show I had always felt the pull of fate, much like the moon on the ocean, to do a Christmas play.

Fortunately, the theater stars aligned and Miracle on 34th was my chance. From my audition where I stuffed a pillow in my button down shirt, to the “hell-week”  where we were working out the kinks (big and small). All of these will no doubt have cherished moments with the wonderful people in my cast. In my opinion; getting to know and build the foundations of friendship.

Those wonderful people, that I am now happy to call friends, are amazing human beings as well as actors. Indeed community theater fosters a loving and passionate community. Every night of performances they impressed me with their talent and passion. This show would be nothing without all of you and all of the talents that they brought to it.

With more than 3 sold out shows, let that be a testament to all of the hard work. Not only that but you created something amazing.

 I will miss all of you. And I want to wish you all of the best and a very merry Christmas.

As always its not goodbye its see you later.

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Another Hunger Games exclusive from The Makeup Addict!

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Another great work of art by Nikki L. - check her out on facebook with the same tag name.
Another great work of art by Nikki L. – check her out on facebook with the same tag name.

What this blog means to me: Personal Growth & Appreciation

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First, and foremost I would like tot thank my followers and readers:


  1. Musicallychallenmged
  2. Cole Ryan
  3. Prettyhagad
  4. Rebecca Hardesty
  5. Zac Egs
  6. Dr. Shin
  7. justdan93
  8. Make Something Mondays
  9. (And to the rest of all you wonderful people reading this post!)


Without you my drive to write this blog would surely be diminished,

and if you like my blog I highly encourage you to check out all of these blogs as well. They are all insightful, colorful, and fun! Check them out I assure you will not be disappointed.


Now to the Personal Growth section! Hooray! 

I find it interesting that this blog has  turned out to be more than just a “social experiment” or just a comedy blog like I had originally intended. It has become a symbol of personal growth for me.

“Well, how is that?” you ask. Calm down and I’ll tell you! Dear friends, I had to answer this question before I could even begin to start writing this article. It really came down to my values, because my values have defined who I am and how I wanted to approach this blog. Yes, I could have turned this article or this blog into an ego trip or a hipsters paradise, but I wanted it to be more than that. I wanted this blog to become a place of inspiration, humor, positivity, hope, and a little bit of my life all mixed in.

My three main goals for this blog:

  1. Creation
  2. Making a difference
  3. Having a goal in mind

I wanted this blog to be about creation merely for the fact that as a writer you create a story. A blank canvas for your audience to paint with their imaginations (sounds good huh?). Like planting a seed in the ground and nurturing it until it’s a great oak is the greatest feeling one can experience. Just like the metaphor of the tree this blog has blossomed through you, my readers, and I want to share this positivity and energy with everyone who will read it.

When they read this blog I hope that I will make a positive difference in their lives. Through positive quotes of the day, the positive weekly challenges, and other positive venues this could affectionately be considered an escape from the bleak headlines of the news. I want the person who reads this blog to feel better than when they stumbled here. My words could be destructive and derisive, but I am better than that, and that’s what my readers deserve from me. Maybe, just maybe I will change the mind of one and that will spread throughout. To put it simply; a better world is what I have in mind.

The world now is in need of as much help and positivity as I can give it: that is my goal. My goal is to touch people’s’ lives and keep this bad boy going! The goal is to nurture this blog and the people who take part in it with me. A sort of blog family if you will. It may seem unrealistic to some and maybe idealistic, but nothing is impossible if we work together.

This blog has evolved into a living diary of my thoughts in hopes that others will take from my words and use them in a positive way.

Thank you for reading.

Appreciate it what you have… or send it to me! (I like the second part)

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The other day I found myself riding in my brother’s car. Why you ask? Well, geez don’t rush me. My AC had not been working (which is just perfect in this “record breaking Virginia weather).  So long story short they helped get my car all fixed up (the AC works thank god!) and I am very appreciative for sure.

But, in the course of an hour of me getting home my parents and brother start arguing. It was all about his car and how he couldn’t wait to get rid of the piece of junk when he had paid it all off himself (with a little help from the parents of course). As I was listening I heard my parents rattle off stories of how my mom and her friend would always breakdown and she’d have to fix the car herself, or my dad who could see the road pass under his feet as he drove because the floor boards were gone. So, even if I wasn’t directly a part of this conversation I still felt like I was a part of it. My brother complained how terrible it was, and I thought how lucky I was to be having a car at all! I mean how many people in the WORLD DON’T HAVE A CAR. Okay, this isn’t a guilt trip you don’t have to give everything you have to the unfortunate (although it wouldn’t be a terribly bad idea).

I’m just saying be thankful we live in a land of plenty where food is but an arm’s reach away, transportation is not only limited to public transportation, and all the necessities of life are readily accessible. I am always aware of just how good I have it, and I am so fortunate to be where I am today.

So “don’t drive like my brother” (for all of you that listen to NPR, you’ll get it). Appreciate what you have or you may lost it and wish you still had it.