Congratulations cast of Miracle on 34th Street

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Congratulations to my wonderful cast members and production staff of Miracle on 34th Street!

I remember as a kid, going out to see the Nutcracker, on such a wonderful December day as this, and the memory and experience had always stuck with me. After seeing that show I had always felt the pull of fate, much like the moon on the ocean, to do a Christmas play.

Fortunately, the theater stars aligned and Miracle on 34th was my chance. From my audition where I stuffed a pillow in my button down shirt, to the “hell-week”  where we were working out the kinks (big and small). All of these will no doubt have cherished moments with the wonderful people in my cast. In my opinion; getting to know and build the foundations of friendship.

Those wonderful people, that I am now happy to call friends, are amazing human beings as well as actors. Indeed community theater fosters a loving and passionate community. Every night of performances they impressed me with their talent and passion. This show would be nothing without all of you and all of the talents that they brought to it.

With more than 3 sold out shows, let that be a testament to all of the hard work. Not only that but you created something amazing.

 I will miss all of you. And I want to wish you all of the best and a very merry Christmas.

As always its not goodbye its see you later.

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Another Hunger Games exclusive from The Makeup Addict!

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Another great work of art by Nikki L. - check her out on facebook with the same tag name.
Another great work of art by Nikki L. – check her out on facebook with the same tag name.

Stay or Go: Pain or the lonely path.

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In a previous post I mentioned including and excluding people from our lives, and I have reached an impasse.

There’s someone in my life that I feel I have no other choice but to let go. It’s a sad commentary indeed, but when you can no longer trust your instincts, your emotional response, than what have you to go off of other than your logic?

It seems a big callous to use purely logic in regards to relationships, because logic excludes understanding to a certain extent.

Let me put it to you this way: when someone is emotional unavailable, for the most part, opens up and shares their inner most thoughts, and feels rejected. The emotions would seemingly have betrayed the person it was meant to aid in the first place. A feeling of betrayal, undoubtedly, leads to a sense of distrust, and that’s why the purely logical mind takes command. That’s when we reach the aforementioned impasse.

There is a young lady that I am very fond of that I’ve had to let go. Essentially I poured myself out to hear on more than one occasion, and that is highly unusual for me. I consider it almost a symbol of high-esteem when I grant access to those innermost thoughts. Afterwards I was left without a word, and left to simmer in my own emotional turmoil. It’s a disgusting thing to feel as if you’ve been emptied out into a broken cup. The end result is the emptiness and a bizarre loneliness. I’m sure you, my wonderful readers, have felt a similar distress.

You expect other people to leave you dangling with your body tossed to the wind, but never one you consider a close friend, and one above the squabbled mass of faces in your life.

I do make my decisions carefully, and I chose to make the one that would be the hardest cross to bear. I do feel as if I could make things work, but the lingering scar will remain and poison what remains. Also, I am afraid that if I don’t make this decision that I will fall again. And I also feel like somehow both parties involved will suffer. I accept my part in this and my inaccessible nature, but the dear Lord knows that I tried.

I suppose there will be one less heartache, but one more lingering and painful memory.

Why your Facebook profile and your cell phone CAN’T SAVE you (… from social isolation)

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Is it symptomatic of our times? Do we just crave the next stimulation?! Are we technology adrenaline junkies??? Why AM I ASKING YOU ALL THESE QUESTIONS?

I just want to make you think. I read a book once called the Lonely American  by Dr. Olds & Dr. Shwartz  Image

Well, let me just get straight to the point: the more connected we THINK we are the less connected we FEEL we are.
Let me paint you a picture:

Scenario 1: You have your customized I phone 4G and your text message inbox is empty with no new messages.

Scenario 2: You’re on Facebook on you’re day off sitting in front of your screen at night. The blue light pours over you as you check your notifications, friend requests, and inbox messages… Nothing.

In the 20th century we have the luxury of conversation without being face to face. Which inevitably means: safety blanket. But, is a safety blanket really what we need? It’s tantamount to being DRUNK (okay that’s a bit of an exaggeration…), but it lowers our inhibitions because we aren’t face to face to deal with the repercussions of what we write.

This book helped illustrate A NUMBER of points for me, because I have felt that way MANY times before. Spending time by myself wondering why things weren’t changing, wondering why that the more time I spent on Facebook the less I felt close to old friends, and wondering why the amount of time I spent on these social outlets didn’t make me FEEL better. Just like in the book: you can’t

Let, me be the first to tell you.  You don’t need Facebook to make friends. You don’t need a cell phone to stay connected. What you need is face time. Not literally looking into someone else s face trying to decipher their thoughts like a crazy person. All it takes is that you make the sincere effort. You just need to show people the real you and not an “online you” and no matter how bad you may think your personality is you just may attract some true friends.
You make yourself who you want to be. We made technology it didn’t make us so Don’t let your technology define you!

You will realize that changing the way you see yourself, making the effort to be sociable, and being a good friend/son/spouse whatever will inevitably lead to a better outlook on life, and a more ENJOYABLE life.

SO not all gloom and doom today! I thank GOD I have my cell phone to text that cute girl I can’t WAIT to go on a date with next… Thank you cell phone & thank you cute girl.