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A PQD: Real Empathy.

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I do not own this picture. It belongs to "its a bloggy life"
I do not own this picture. It belongs to “its a bloggy life”

A year ago or more I made the decision to avoid being such a negative influence on people and to start being a positive one. That time was when I became a totally new person.

I took it upon myself, as a personal challenge, to be a friend to those people who are looked down upon, and those who are in poor moods. I desired to be someone who could change the fortunes of an ill day to a good one.

It is exactly that type of person that emulates Christ. I have made it a point to avoid from using the kind of language that harms others, shied away from cursing, and above all avoided using language negative against myself.

I have found that I am much happier living a life under these ideals, and I would encourage you all to consider leading a life filled with the richness of positivity.

Try being a light to others in this dark world, because God knows, there is enough darkness.



PQD: Beauty and a Lie we tell.

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“People are like stained – glass windows. They sparkle and shine when the sun is out, but when the darkness sets in, their true beauty is revealed only if there is a light from within.”

Elisabeth Kubler-Ross
What is the first word that you associated with flowers when you read the word? I’m sure  most of us thought: sweet-smelling, grand, beautiful, pretty, gorgeous, and other like words. They are simply beautiful to behold, and that beauty hasn’t changed since the day the first flower bloomed.
Today, our definition for beautiful, in context of our fellow human being, has become sadly warped.
The most endearing story of acceptance, in my eyes, has to be the Genesis story from the Bible. Of course, one can scoff at the comparison of today to a story over 2,000 years old, but the imagery is so raw it cannot be overlooked. It is symbolic for exposing our entire being in a true show of beauty, that the truth is plain and as open as our very skin, and an honest, true relationship. Yes, the two were naked, but they were born for each other, and only knew there love for one another. The argument could be made that they did not know any better, but if we are to believe this story we must then believe in true purpose. If we did have a beginning and a creator– would he create something ugly?
Would you create something ugly?
The flower is anything but ugly, which is the reason why  my home-made picture is what ventured to your screen today. You see; I was walking in my neighborhood enjoying the spring time air, and was struck by how amazingly beautiful the flowers were. I was drawn inexplicably to photograph some of them with my phone at close range. Although, I felt a little awkward about venturing on to someones lawn, but I simply had to capture this wonderful slice of nature.
And that’s one thing about nature: it is natural. It is real. There is nothing hidden about nature, and nothing disguising it. There is nothing that can be sold to nature. There is nothing to be surgically fixed. And that’s the lie that we let ourselves believe:
we need products, costumes, and apparel to make ourselves beautiful. 
My desire is for you to love yourself today for what lies beneath all of the price tags.
If God wanted you to be born with all the trappings of this world from the start… wouldn’t he have created you with them?
So look at yourself today and ask yourself: do I find beauty in myself (inwardly and outwardly), and do I find beauty in this world?
I actually own this picture
I actually own this picture


A PQD for my Music Theater friends

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“In music, the punctuation is absolutely strict, the bars and the rests are absolutely defined. But our punctuation cannot be quite strict because we have to relate it to the audience. In other words, we are continually changing the score.”
– Ralph Richardson
In life, and in theater, there are some production rules that must not be deviated from. In theater they are: lines must not be deviated from, genders of the characters cannot be changed, etc. And in our daily lives we must follow: social norms, rules of the road, following directions at work, etc. We live our lives according to rules that we must follow every day.  We cannot perform a play without becoming acquainted with the roles we must play.
In musical theater we must be even more strict with the rules. There are specific numbers of beats we must count out, listen for, and sing out. We must follow these to follow a vision of what the sing is and should be.
With that said; an exciting, incredible show is not made from merely following the rules. We must take these guide lines and make them into an even more beautiful creation. To me there is nothing more beautiful than creation, and creating beautiful music and acting is no different. You must create the magic of theater and the magic of life.
We follow the rules to have structure, but we make the music of a song our own. A song has no voice without an actor, and it has no soul without creativity. So too is our lives.
Best of luck to my music theater friends in the production of Les Miserables with Upper Room Theater Ministry.
belongs to wikipedia.org
belongs to wikipedia.org

PQD: Happiness within our Grasp

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Happiness is a butterfly, which when pursued, is always just beyond your grasp, but which, if you will sit down quietly, may alight upon you.

Nathaniel Hawthorne

It is curious that Hawthorne chooses the butterfly for the center of his imagery. Of course, anyone who has experienced the glorious outdoors has probably had a chance to see these little dancers playing in open space. They are marvelously beautiful to behold, but fascinatingly difficult to catch.

I latched onto this quote because the quote states: “if you it quietly, may alight upon you”. That part of the quote meaning: sometimes you don’t have to conquer and fight for everything in this world. Sometimes we can acquire beautiful things simply by being calm and quiet.

For each person this could have a different meaning: inner peace, a possible relationship, closeness with nature (literally), etc.

The point is: out of the tumult that is our lives; find your inner peace. Search within yourself for the eye of the storm and let the beauty of this world passively pass over you. Experience. Feel. Love.

belongs to: viewallart.com
belongs to: viewallart.com

PQD: Hold the door!

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Happiness is something that comes into our lives through doors we don’t even remember leaving open.  

Rose Lane

Have you ever smiled at a stranger, given a tip to your local smoothie shop cashier, or even helped someone struggling to carry heavy boxes? It is the idea we leave a friendly door open to the world with positive thoughts behind positive action. In my experience leading a life without expectation of people are situations is the best way to live.

Think about it: how many times have you been disappointed by people because you expected ‘a little more’?

By putting forth a positive face to the world we are leaving that door open for the world’s positivity to enter through our door. It is as simple as the person who you helped returning the favor, “good karma” revisiting you with a $20 bill on the ground, or any example you can think of.

As the good book says “A good man out of the good treasure of his heart brings forth that which is good; and an evil man out of the evil treasure of his heart brings forth that which is evil: for out of the abundance of the heart his mouth speaks.” (KJV). So in order to fully leave our hearts door wide open we must rework our thoughts to exude positivity, and we just might be astounded on the good that enters through into our hearts.

So today:

leave your heart open to let the good pour out of you into this world, and let the love of true friends and family to enter in.

this picture owned by "wild goddess life"
this picture owned by “wild goddess life”

PQD: “Love grows where my Rosemary goes.” Wait… Thats not John Lennon?

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“Miracles occur naturally as expressions of love. The real miracle is the love that inspires them. In this sense everything that comes from love is a miracle.”

Marie Lloyd

Some of you may be familiar with the song, quite simply titled, as ‘Love’ by John Lennon. The message discusses an individuals understanding of love, and consequently, reflects the authors desire for love.

Have you ever stopped and wondered why you loved that person despite whatever transgressions this person committed against you? Have you ever considered what it is in your life that you truly love?

Reflecting on these things  and the recent events of my life; I have a few observations of my own. Love is as simple and complex as expression. To feel love without expression is to rob yourself of giving love, and others to receive that love. To falsify that love with a “pseudo-love” in an attempt to conform someone into your thinking is wrong. If there’s anything that human nature will teach us is that we will not be fooled by a fake product, because the results of that product are also fallacy.

The answer is the true expression of love. That is to act and speak in a way of loving others. That means searching out their feelings by taking an interest in them, and addressing their needs.

If you do not feel love towards another: take the time to understand their needs regardless. Or if that goal cannot be attained; remove yourself from the situation. There is no need to complicate and irritate a situation that is non-existent.

My friends, never give up on someone you cannot go a day without thinking about. It is one of the oldest literary clichés known to man, but its wisdom holds true. But, that doesn’t mean hold on to something that is not there. It takes a pairing of  our intellect along with our heart to find out the difference between mutual love and unrequited love. Love becomes problematic when we only employ one of these.

It is a miracle that love works the way it does, and when we experience it fully (i.e: the love of a child) it drives us to reach for a higher existence. Encouragement of another stems from freely given love, and that positive energy feeds our very souls. Have you ever felt a surge of creative inspiration by viewing something beautiful? It is that very feeling of being impassioned, emblazoned, and empowered.

Those that offer you love that inspires and sustains you is love you should nurture in good times and bad. Make yourself available to recieve love and give love. That, my Jesters and Halequinns, is the nature of a miracle we partake in every day, and by the Grace of God, we are lucky enough to recieve.

I do not own this picture
I do not own this picture

Some positivity from Jason Mraz

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Listen to Jason’s’ mellow sound, and his effective technique of “letting go”. Please enjoy my Jesters and Harlequins