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A PQD: Real Empathy.

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I do not own this picture. It belongs to "its a bloggy life"
I do not own this picture. It belongs to “its a bloggy life”

A year ago or more I made the decision to avoid being such a negative influence on people and to start being a positive one. That time was when I became a totally new person.

I took it upon myself, as a personal challenge, to be a friend to those people who are looked down upon, and those who are in poor moods. I desired to be someone who could change the fortunes of an ill day to a good one.

It is exactly that type of person that emulates Christ. I have made it a point to avoid from using the kind of language that harms others, shied away from cursing, and above all avoided using language negative against myself.

I have found that I am much happier living a life under these ideals, and I would encourage you all to consider leading a life filled with the richness of positivity.

Try being a light to others in this dark world, because God knows, there is enough darkness.



Murphy Log: Akward Situation

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Murphy Log #10


Murph Log: 7.22.14

Hello Murphees and Murphettes I come to you today in a sort of awkward situation, because you know the Murph doesn’t get awkward. I mean nothing interrupts my awesome ninja flow, especially with the ladies. No, this isn’t one of those awkward moments where you forget to forget to wear pants, or when you get caught taking a cookie before dinner. This is one of those moments when you’re at work, being awesome and getting your shine on, and then all of the sudden your co-worker “gets all up in your grill”. I mean I almost jumped back and said “Whoa! Get back funky cat!” I’m like the hippest guy I know. Anyways this little situation happened yesterday and let me tell you all about it.

So, yesterday morning I flew out of bed, much like Superman, and landed in the bathroom for my morning shower and affirmations. Oh? What are my affirmations? Well, like those fitness nuts that do 1,000 push-ups in the morning, I tell myself “you are awesome” at least 100 times in the mirror. I get pumped up and get ready to Murph the world up! After that I wolfed down 12 egg sandwiches my sweet, old mother made me. I kissed her a thank you and jumped out to my ultra-awesome, sleek, chrome wheeled bicycle and speed off at the speed of light. Come to think of it; I’m like the flash on wheels.

When I get to my job I make sure to hit the front glass door with my bike tire. That’s for good luck of course. People scrunch of their faces because they think it’s so awesome, but they forgot how to smile. After locking my bike up, I take the elevator upstairs and make it to my cubicle. I toss my tie-dye backpack on the desk of the blue square and crack my knuckles. “Today is going to be a Murphy day” I said to myself. And then I saw this quirky little symbol hopping around on my screen and then I thought,” This is a Muphemail I am receiving”. And I grabbed that rascally mouse and metaphorically tore open that little bugger of an email. Here’s what I read:

“Dear Mr. Murph,

Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah. You are awesome… Blah Blah Blah We will order pizza for you. Blah Blah Blah the new PS3 Game I bought.

Blah Blah Blah… This is a warning about your job performance. Blah Blah blah…,” and I had to do a double take and read the gosh darn thing again.

“Dear Mr. Murph,

We feel that you are not performing up to the standards this BIG money pit has set. Your superiors will be keeping a closer watch on you.

As your team flunkee I feel it is my duty to eat dirt and also let you know when you stray from the path. This is a formal warning about your job performance. If you have any questions, feel free to kick me in the groin.


Inbred Neanderthal

*(The underlined, italicized sections I may have tampered with…)

So, you know what I did? I marched on up to his big, fat old salmon colored tie wearing self and I said “Are you jealous of me?” This pudgy old man’s name was Mr. Trask, but I always call him Mr. “Junk in the trunk” or Mr. “Trash” when he’s not around.

He wheezed uncomfortably and pushed up his glasses with his forefinger and responded,” Uh, no I am performing my duties as a…” I stopped him with one hand.

“You must have seen my dance moves,” I said clearly and with a smirk,” I mean I would be jealous too if you did this to me.” After that I kicked all the papers off of his desk, jigged to the left, jigged to the right, did the splits, flicked him off, and did the moon-walk out of his office. As a matter of fact I jigged right out of the office building.

The awkward thing that I mentioned is this: how are you going to face your employees when you just got DANCE SERVED! Ohhhhhh!


the murph

Good Game USA. See you in 4 years.

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Typically, I do not watch the fine sport of futbol/soccer regularly.

But, I think its fair to say the World Cup grabs even the most fickle of futbol followers and commands their attention.

I have followed the U.S teams progress through the games, and statistically they were not the favorites to win. Regardless, it was my passion and great desire to see my team advance and win it all.

Sports, like music, has the power to bring people together and bring out the best in us. We faced Belgium together as a country, we faced Germany as a country, we faced Ghana as a country, etc. Even though there were a set number of players on the field; those players were followed closely behind us in spirit.

It is heart breaking to see your country lose after a hard fought game, but such is life. One has to win or lose and your day for either one is a mystery.

God bless the U.S. Men’s Soccer Team. We thank you for all the hard work, and are behind you all the way. See you in 4.

I do not own this picture
I do not own this picture

Boats, Relationships, and a little Bible for Spice

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I do not own this picture. belongs to
I do not own this picture. belongs to

Smooth sailing. The waves of gentle romance splash gently on loves boat, and you drift gently asleep… CRACK! A second later; you are faced with a Pirates of the Caribbean type whirlpool with lightning bolts as far reaching as the sky itself. What happened; just a second ago you were on the Love Boat, but now it has turned into the Titanic!

Okay, okay so I am being a little melodramatic, but I am an artist darn it all! Anyways, the ship that I am referring to is quite simply the “relation-ship” (pun intended), and the ocean is inevitably the forward progress of time, which is sometimes very coarse and other times peaceful. The person who doesn’t expect to get his/her feet wet in all of these romantic endeavors is foolish. The person who believes they will never be hurt, and won’t hurt, another is just as well. If love was as easy to love our brother and sister what need would we have for laws and principalities? No. The emotions that come all too easy for us are the emotions that are mill-stones around our necks in deep waters. It is: anger, resentment, cynicism, skepticism, melancholy and the other abusive feelings that pass over us like waves.

The wind and waves are rough teachers, but again, life and Mother Nature are not without their timeless advice. The waves are trials that should strengthen the hulls of our love for our significant other, and not weaken that love until our ship springs a fatal leak. The wind of adversity can topple us to one side, but can also be used to power us in any direction we choose so long as we respect its power. The creatures below the sea wait in the darkness for a meal, and they are the lechers that lust after our partners. Warning: do not feed the animals. You see they are there for a reason as well. By keeping our competition in the back of our minds that keeps us sharp for our loved ones, and keep the fire burning within us. Lest we fall asleep at the wheel and be swallowed up like Jonah!

I have a confession to make, and I like Jonah, had to face down my own fears. I recently had to tell my ex-girlfriend a very difficult truth. I felt as if my heart was being pulled towards another woman. I suppose this was a wave crashing into my very own HMS Bad News. I had been battling the winds of these feelings for some weeks, and upon the urging of a friend, I summoned up my courage and said the six words that any sea faring man or woman dread to hear: we need to have a talk. For the longest time before hand; I had wished my feelings to be non-existent for the other person. It was as if I was looking for a life preserver in the face of the incoming tidal wave. I had no idea of the other person liked me or not, and no way to deal with the storm that raged inside of me. So, as the captain of my ship, I did what I needed to do. I told my girlfriend I needed a break to sort out my feelings for the other woman.

Of course, our “relation-ship” hit consequently hit a reef, and all life aboard was banished except two life boats that went their separate ways. She called me later that night to tell me it was over. She didn’t want to, in her words, “play second fiddle” to another woman. I of course apologized profusely, and didn’t fault her for her feelings. Heck, I would have done the same thing in her shoes. I suppose in my heart you can never conquer the very nature of your heart. It wants what it wants and I suppose my ship is still awash in this ghastly river. The point I am making is this: honesty in a relationship and to you is paramount. If there is only one side of oars working then you will only be guided into a discombobulated spin. But the feeling of honesty is comparable to a feeling of lightness after the yoke has been lifted. Both of us have by now moved on, so I think, to safer waters.

I have now harbored my heart back at home where it needs to be, and had this profound time of reflection. It saddens me to know that journey of our relationship is over, but the ripples in the water behind me still remain, and for that I am happy. Only a bitter man looks back on the journey and hates where he has been when he has led a good life. As the Bible tells us; no matter what: love they neighbor. That has taken me a few years to fully understand, but with this most recent parting of sea-farers, I have learned to forgive myself and others much more fully. Like, I told my good friend, whose ship fell on bad weather, do not hate her or poison her memory but love her and the memories you shared. Human nature would dictate that as a Herculean effort. Take the time to center your ship and get your head above water, but you need to let go of the pain you hold in order to forgive. You will be amazed at how wonderful the feeling is.

So, my Jesters and Harlequins, if I haven’t “sunk your Battleship” with all of these ocean metaphors, then I sincerely thank you. I would just encourage you today to center YOUR “relation-ship”, to reconsider one that will not suit your future journeys, and let go of a ship that has already left the port, and as God forgives so too should we. I hope you find yourself in open waters and with clear skies. God Speed.

PQD: Beauty and a Lie we tell.

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“People are like stained – glass windows. They sparkle and shine when the sun is out, but when the darkness sets in, their true beauty is revealed only if there is a light from within.”

Elisabeth Kubler-Ross
What is the first word that you associated with flowers when you read the word? I’m sure  most of us thought: sweet-smelling, grand, beautiful, pretty, gorgeous, and other like words. They are simply beautiful to behold, and that beauty hasn’t changed since the day the first flower bloomed.
Today, our definition for beautiful, in context of our fellow human being, has become sadly warped.
The most endearing story of acceptance, in my eyes, has to be the Genesis story from the Bible. Of course, one can scoff at the comparison of today to a story over 2,000 years old, but the imagery is so raw it cannot be overlooked. It is symbolic for exposing our entire being in a true show of beauty, that the truth is plain and as open as our very skin, and an honest, true relationship. Yes, the two were naked, but they were born for each other, and only knew there love for one another. The argument could be made that they did not know any better, but if we are to believe this story we must then believe in true purpose. If we did have a beginning and a creator– would he create something ugly?
Would you create something ugly?
The flower is anything but ugly, which is the reason why  my home-made picture is what ventured to your screen today. You see; I was walking in my neighborhood enjoying the spring time air, and was struck by how amazingly beautiful the flowers were. I was drawn inexplicably to photograph some of them with my phone at close range. Although, I felt a little awkward about venturing on to someones lawn, but I simply had to capture this wonderful slice of nature.
And that’s one thing about nature: it is natural. It is real. There is nothing hidden about nature, and nothing disguising it. There is nothing that can be sold to nature. There is nothing to be surgically fixed. And that’s the lie that we let ourselves believe:
we need products, costumes, and apparel to make ourselves beautiful. 
My desire is for you to love yourself today for what lies beneath all of the price tags.
If God wanted you to be born with all the trappings of this world from the start… wouldn’t he have created you with them?
So look at yourself today and ask yourself: do I find beauty in myself (inwardly and outwardly), and do I find beauty in this world?
I actually own this picture
I actually own this picture


A PQD for my Music Theater friends

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“In music, the punctuation is absolutely strict, the bars and the rests are absolutely defined. But our punctuation cannot be quite strict because we have to relate it to the audience. In other words, we are continually changing the score.”
– Ralph Richardson
In life, and in theater, there are some production rules that must not be deviated from. In theater they are: lines must not be deviated from, genders of the characters cannot be changed, etc. And in our daily lives we must follow: social norms, rules of the road, following directions at work, etc. We live our lives according to rules that we must follow every day.  We cannot perform a play without becoming acquainted with the roles we must play.
In musical theater we must be even more strict with the rules. There are specific numbers of beats we must count out, listen for, and sing out. We must follow these to follow a vision of what the sing is and should be.
With that said; an exciting, incredible show is not made from merely following the rules. We must take these guide lines and make them into an even more beautiful creation. To me there is nothing more beautiful than creation, and creating beautiful music and acting is no different. You must create the magic of theater and the magic of life.
We follow the rules to have structure, but we make the music of a song our own. A song has no voice without an actor, and it has no soul without creativity. So too is our lives.
Best of luck to my music theater friends in the production of Les Miserables with Upper Room Theater Ministry.
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PQD: Happiness within our Grasp

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Happiness is a butterfly, which when pursued, is always just beyond your grasp, but which, if you will sit down quietly, may alight upon you.

Nathaniel Hawthorne

It is curious that Hawthorne chooses the butterfly for the center of his imagery. Of course, anyone who has experienced the glorious outdoors has probably had a chance to see these little dancers playing in open space. They are marvelously beautiful to behold, but fascinatingly difficult to catch.

I latched onto this quote because the quote states: “if you it quietly, may alight upon you”. That part of the quote meaning: sometimes you don’t have to conquer and fight for everything in this world. Sometimes we can acquire beautiful things simply by being calm and quiet.

For each person this could have a different meaning: inner peace, a possible relationship, closeness with nature (literally), etc.

The point is: out of the tumult that is our lives; find your inner peace. Search within yourself for the eye of the storm and let the beauty of this world passively pass over you. Experience. Feel. Love.

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