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Poetry in motion: The Nature of God

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The Nature of God an Original poem by Joshua Colliluori

There is something to be said for standing in God’s shade.

Where the wind caresses and natures tones are mild.

Where breath is passed from the eternal to the mortal.

Where freedom in open land to those who partake in faith.

Where God shades us from the wrath of that wretched, murderous sun.

… For without the sun…

There is a boiling, barren, burning heat.

There in lies the intolerable desolation and smog.

There we find nothing living, and everything is cast from Gods shade.

So, do I pray you find yourself in the umbra of his great mercy.


The poem about Spring… and DEATH.

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My fun good morning poem:
Every spring I feel like i am dying

Every spring I feel like I am dying.
My eyes water and weep at the sight of fresh blossomy flower.
My throat catches at any time of day, and I can’t help but wheeze and whine.
I constantly need a tissue: for my frustration and frailty shine through in such a way.
I shrink from open windows.
I shriek at cut grass.
I steal away from the outside air.
I rail against the humming Gardner.
I rage against the immune bunch.
And I rage against the fowl pollen producers.

What? You thought I actually thought I was dying?
Good guess but thanks for trying.

Crows in the graveyard (Jest a poem)

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Crows in a Graveyard

Knocking on dead ends door

Searching for the last thing these muted souls can offer

The dismal display of their parade plays out before me as I look on with disdain

This dark wave of beasts these hungry creatures eerily make no sound

They mock the inhabitants as they dance over their beds

Through a glass window am I condemned to watch. Unable to aid the sleeping.

Time to be kept and meetings to be attended bar me from their desperate need

Even now I see the communion of black monsters waiting for death to feed them

I hope you never have to see the Crows in the Graveyard.