Month: August 2014

A PQD: Real Empathy.

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I do not own this picture. It belongs to "its a bloggy life"
I do not own this picture. It belongs to “its a bloggy life”

A year ago or more I made the decision to avoid being such a negative influence on people and to start being a positive one. That time was when I became a totally new person.

I took it upon myself, as a personal challenge, to be a friend to those people who are looked down upon, and those who are in poor moods. I desired to be someone who could change the fortunes of an ill day to a good one.

It is exactly that type of person that emulates Christ. I have made it a point to avoid from using the kind of language that harms others, shied away from cursing, and above all avoided using language negative against myself.

I have found that I am much happier living a life under these ideals, and I would encourage you all to consider leading a life filled with the richness of positivity.

Try being a light to others in this dark world, because God knows, there is enough darkness.



Congratulations cast of Nightfall With Edgar Allan Poe!

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The Fall of the House of Usher- Edgar Allan Poe
The Fall of the House of Usher- Edgar Allan Poe

As the story always goes; its a sad day when a theater show ends. But the actors, who often go thankless and without reward, deserve their commendation.

I must admit that being a director isn’t an easy job, but the reward is just as incredible as taking that final bow. It has been my pleasure to work with these young people, and I would always encourage you, my readers, to participate in community events and theater. Much like community service with High School and Middle School youth group; it has changed my life. I consider it the ironic comedy of life to “say never” only to be doing what you swore if in the first place.

I am happy to be here as a proud co-director to congratulate my cast who worked so hard over those 5 months to make this the Number 1 youth show to date! Thank you for everything.

1. Neel Gill – Edgar Allan Poe

2. Zachary Thaler – Edgar / Officer / Judge

3. Shadya Rose – Madeline Usher

4. James Tompkins – Roderick Usher / Old Man / Judge

5. James Masten – Sante / Officer / Raven


(Stow these names away: you might see them on the big screen or Broadway one day!)