A humble Donation request from a rising star Talent Agency

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This is the upcoming movie the group hopes to  promote and that will help them make their mark.
This is the upcoming movie the group hopes to promote and that will help them make their mark.

Dear Friends,

    At the age of eight I saw my very first musical, The Sound of Music, and immediately I was hooked and knew I wanted to be a part of the theatrical arts. I have thoroughly enjoyed acting, whether playing three different roles in You Can’t Take It With You or playing the lead role as Emily in Our Town. Though I love acting, I am also intrigued by all aspects of theatrical productions, so I do promotional and studio photography; fashion and costuming design; and I teach and do stage make-up including special effects make-up: wounds, bruises, and of course, zombies. My latest foray is screenplay writing. (Wait for it…)
I have always enjoyed being a part of something truly amazing, and for the past several years with my parents and some of my brothers we have enjoyed acting, directing and producing shows with two local theater troops. This has lead us to meet many kindred spirits who are anxious to take their experiences and talents to the next level of skill. Thus, I started Talented Amateur ­ A Freelance Production Company, designed to provide amateur artists and craftsmen various mediums (street theater, stage and film) in which to learn and practice their theatrical interests and skills.
So here’s the ‘it’ I asked you to wait for… for the past 10 months I have been writing (and rewriting) my first screenplay… The King of Skulls. This is not a horror film (no zombies), but a medieval fantasy love story. As in life, all good stories begin with the lure of the unknown; a couple cross plots; plenty of reasons to laugh and cry; loveable and despicable characters who grapple with trust or cause betrayal; and a surprise ending … and who doesn’t love a good surprise ending? We’ve have third party critiques, open read-throughs, all responding with the emotions and enthusiasm we were hoping for… our final seal of approval.
We are confident that we have a script worthy for production and submission to film festivals. We are currently in the “Hold your breath and cross your fingers stage”, as we move on to story boarding, solidifying set designs and gathering props, as well as finding our site locations, completing our costuming designs, preparing for late July auditions and filming this fall. But of course, in order to make this happen, we realize the need for financial assistance.
I would like to ask you to consider supporting what looks to be a full length film. It would mean the world to me and to our many volunteers if we could produce this work. Our goal is to raise $20,000.
All funds will go towards the production. No one will receive a penny. I realize that this is a great deal to ask during difficult economic times, but every little bit helps. What you can and are willing to give is very much appreciated… especially your prayers (a priceless gift we certainly value). If you are unable to help at this time but know someone or a group of people who might be interested, I would appreciate you passing a copy of this letter and the enclosed items for them to see. Our commitment to you will be to return all funds if we don’t reach our goal, and we’ll return all unused funds (prorated) if all funds are not consumed.
Auditions will be held in late July, so we would need a reply as soon as you are able. Please returned your Talented Ametuers c/o 225 Pinnacle Ct., Warrenton, Va. 20186. Our deadline is 30, July, 2014.
Please believe how much I appreciate your consideration in helping me take this next step in my journey. Thank you!

Nicole G. Loope
Screenwriter ­ The King Of Skulls


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