Good Game USA. See you in 4 years.

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Typically, I do not watch the fine sport of futbol/soccer regularly.

But, I think its fair to say the World Cup grabs even the most fickle of futbol followers and commands their attention.

I have followed the U.S teams progress through the games, and statistically they were not the favorites to win. Regardless, it was my passion and great desire to see my team advance and win it all.

Sports, like music, has the power to bring people together and bring out the best in us. We faced Belgium together as a country, we faced Germany as a country, we faced Ghana as a country, etc. Even though there were a set number of players on the field; those players were followed closely behind us in spirit.

It is heart breaking to see your country lose after a hard fought game, but such is life. One has to win or lose and your day for either one is a mystery.

God bless the U.S. Men’s Soccer Team. We thank you for all the hard work, and are behind you all the way. See you in 4.

I do not own this picture
I do not own this picture

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