Some writing brilliance: An excerpt of the Katie L biography.

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Master of Montessori, Mistress of Marshall

The Mysterious Katie L

How does one define the mysterious, dangerous, whirlwind life of an American teenager? Simple, you define it with the legendary name of: Katie L. Her name is whispered in the streets with the reverence that one attributes to the likes of: Buddha, Elvis Presley, and Moses as he was whisked away in the clouds. Her footsteps leave behind a sign Tyrannosaurus-Rex sized print in the sheer scope of their historical value! The memorable moments in the life of Katie cannot be summarized by: The Notebook speeches she’s delivered, how many Connors she’s helped teach, and how many keys she plunks on piano, but it can be summarized by the incredible life she has led thus far. Even still there is little known about this

We are certain there have been sightings of her at a foggy, mysterious place called “Montessori”. This “Montessori” is from all accounts a child farm, and not much is known about this place. The experts tell us the children are brought there as “offerings” to be trained. If you are acquainted with the movie Hitman; the imagery is readily available to you. She is an expert marksman, spy, joke-teller, and toast maker. We are not fully aware of her capabilities with a curling iron, but we are told, by reliable sources, they are substantial. The children that have been released into the wild are notable ne’er-do-wells: Moriarty, Plankton, Javert, Sinestro, and a whole host of other unsavory filter feeders.


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