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Some writing brilliance: An excerpt of the Katie L biography.

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Master of Montessori, Mistress of Marshall

The Mysterious Katie L

How does one define the mysterious, dangerous, whirlwind life of an American teenager? Simple, you define it with the legendary name of: Katie L. Her name is whispered in the streets with the reverence that one attributes to the likes of: Buddha, Elvis Presley, and Moses as he was whisked away in the clouds. Her footsteps leave behind a sign Tyrannosaurus-Rex sized print in the sheer scope of their historical value! The memorable moments in the life of Katie cannot be summarized by: The Notebook speeches she’s delivered, how many Connors she’s helped teach, and how many keys she plunks on piano, but it can be summarized by the incredible life she has led thus far. Even still there is little known about this

We are certain there have been sightings of her at a foggy, mysterious place called “Montessori”. This “Montessori” is from all accounts a child farm, and not much is known about this place. The experts tell us the children are brought there as “offerings” to be trained. If you are acquainted with the movie Hitman; the imagery is readily available to you. She is an expert marksman, spy, joke-teller, and toast maker. We are not fully aware of her capabilities with a curling iron, but we are told, by reliable sources, they are substantial. The children that have been released into the wild are notable ne’er-do-wells: Moriarty, Plankton, Javert, Sinestro, and a whole host of other unsavory filter feeders.


I am Proud to be a Director in Community Theater

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I am so proud to be with these wonderful young people in our production of Beauty and the Beast Jr. 

I firmly believe the journeys that we are most afraid to travel are the ones that will pay off the most. 

While I have lost money that I will never see again; I would never give these memories up. 

If you ever have the chance; take part in your community, and I can guarantee your life will be changed forever.




PQD: Beauty and a Lie we tell.

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“People are like stained – glass windows. They sparkle and shine when the sun is out, but when the darkness sets in, their true beauty is revealed only if there is a light from within.”

Elisabeth Kubler-Ross
What is the first word that you associated with flowers when you read the word? I’m sure  most of us thought: sweet-smelling, grand, beautiful, pretty, gorgeous, and other like words. They are simply beautiful to behold, and that beauty hasn’t changed since the day the first flower bloomed.
Today, our definition for beautiful, in context of our fellow human being, has become sadly warped.
The most endearing story of acceptance, in my eyes, has to be the Genesis story from the Bible. Of course, one can scoff at the comparison of today to a story over 2,000 years old, but the imagery is so raw it cannot be overlooked. It is symbolic for exposing our entire being in a true show of beauty, that the truth is plain and as open as our very skin, and an honest, true relationship. Yes, the two were naked, but they were born for each other, and only knew there love for one another. The argument could be made that they did not know any better, but if we are to believe this story we must then believe in true purpose. If we did have a beginning and a creator– would he create something ugly?
Would you create something ugly?
The flower is anything but ugly, which is the reason why  my home-made picture is what ventured to your screen today. You see; I was walking in my neighborhood enjoying the spring time air, and was struck by how amazingly beautiful the flowers were. I was drawn inexplicably to photograph some of them with my phone at close range. Although, I felt a little awkward about venturing on to someones lawn, but I simply had to capture this wonderful slice of nature.
And that’s one thing about nature: it is natural. It is real. There is nothing hidden about nature, and nothing disguising it. There is nothing that can be sold to nature. There is nothing to be surgically fixed. And that’s the lie that we let ourselves believe:
we need products, costumes, and apparel to make ourselves beautiful. 
My desire is for you to love yourself today for what lies beneath all of the price tags.
If God wanted you to be born with all the trappings of this world from the start… wouldn’t he have created you with them?
So look at yourself today and ask yourself: do I find beauty in myself (inwardly and outwardly), and do I find beauty in this world?
I actually own this picture
I actually own this picture


A PQD for my Music Theater friends

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“In music, the punctuation is absolutely strict, the bars and the rests are absolutely defined. But our punctuation cannot be quite strict because we have to relate it to the audience. In other words, we are continually changing the score.”
– Ralph Richardson
In life, and in theater, there are some production rules that must not be deviated from. In theater they are: lines must not be deviated from, genders of the characters cannot be changed, etc. And in our daily lives we must follow: social norms, rules of the road, following directions at work, etc. We live our lives according to rules that we must follow every day.  We cannot perform a play without becoming acquainted with the roles we must play.
In musical theater we must be even more strict with the rules. There are specific numbers of beats we must count out, listen for, and sing out. We must follow these to follow a vision of what the sing is and should be.
With that said; an exciting, incredible show is not made from merely following the rules. We must take these guide lines and make them into an even more beautiful creation. To me there is nothing more beautiful than creation, and creating beautiful music and acting is no different. You must create the magic of theater and the magic of life.
We follow the rules to have structure, but we make the music of a song our own. A song has no voice without an actor, and it has no soul without creativity. So too is our lives.
Best of luck to my music theater friends in the production of Les Miserables with Upper Room Theater Ministry.
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Fragile by Bellarose Photography

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Wouldn’t you want to preserve innocence for as long as possible?

Wouldn’t you want to hide these hearts from the evil things that try to poison them?

Wouldn’t you want to hide their eyes from everything except love?

Wouldn’t you hold their hands across any unfriendly street?

Wouldn’t you nurture their spirits?

Because in them, our children, we are all in need of that kind of love. 

A well deserved thank you and encouragement message!

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As this blog continues to flourish I want to say a huge THANK YOU to those of who you have followed this blog and or liked any of the posts you have read. As I’ve said before; this has been a journey for both myself and my readers. 

Jest a Word on Life is going on 2 years! All of this work would have no point if there were no one to share it with. 

Thanks again for reading and best of luck to you and your blog! May 1,000 followers find you in your future. 

Special thanks to my newest subscribers: 

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PQD: Happiness within our Grasp

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Happiness is a butterfly, which when pursued, is always just beyond your grasp, but which, if you will sit down quietly, may alight upon you.

Nathaniel Hawthorne

It is curious that Hawthorne chooses the butterfly for the center of his imagery. Of course, anyone who has experienced the glorious outdoors has probably had a chance to see these little dancers playing in open space. They are marvelously beautiful to behold, but fascinatingly difficult to catch.

I latched onto this quote because the quote states: “if you it quietly, may alight upon you”. That part of the quote meaning: sometimes you don’t have to conquer and fight for everything in this world. Sometimes we can acquire beautiful things simply by being calm and quiet.

For each person this could have a different meaning: inner peace, a possible relationship, closeness with nature (literally), etc.

The point is: out of the tumult that is our lives; find your inner peace. Search within yourself for the eye of the storm and let the beauty of this world passively pass over you. Experience. Feel. Love.

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