PQD: What time does positivity come on?

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The mind is like a clock that is constantly running down. It has to be wound up daily with good thoughts.”

Fulton J. Sheen


How do you wake up in the morning? It is, without a doubt, seemingly obvious question after reading this intriguing quote hovering above these words. It is a serious question all the same. So, take a minute and think about a few things: 1. Are my first thoughts of the day of dread or inspiration? 2. Do I look forward to the day’s events? 3. Do I loathe or cherish my interaction with others?

Seriously, think about the answers to these questions.

If you answered in the positive: you are attempting to live your life in a way that greets the world with both an open mind and heart. It is important to maintain this positive outlook with self-affirmations and positive self-talk, which will breed positive action and create desired results.

For those who answered in the negative: not to worry! We are all in this life together to; hopefully, pull each other up and out of these negative thoughts. I remember times in boarding school where I would wake up and absolutely dread the thought of the forthcoming day. That’s because I didn’t have the proper tools to look positively on the day ahead.

What do you mean by tools?

I’m talking about the tools to think positively and change the old self-talk monster into a manageable and friendly ally. Some tools that you can use:

  1. Self-affirmations– actively encouraging yourself by saying positives things about yourself.
  2. Become an active participant in your own life! – Like the movie “yes man” adequately demonstrated the power of ‘yes’. Don’t shy from life, because that way you lose out. All too often I said no to things, because I was waiting for something better that, often times, would never come.
  3. Associate with positive people- I couldn’t figure out why my mood was so down back then, because I never imagined the answer would be found in the circle I associated with. Find people who support your dreams, give freely of themselves, and love unconditionally.
  4. Take pride in you- often times I treated my body and mind disrespectfully, because I did not cherish my own self-worth. By that I don’t mean I cut or was deeply disturbed, but I mean I ate unhealthy foods and constantly put myself down. In the struggle for acceptance we lose our value by calculating it by the acceptance of our peers. Not so my friends. Take pride in all that you do, because you know at the end of the day whether you performed or not.

So, my friends don’t let the clock of your positivity run down to zero. Let us remind ourselves that our worth is nothing that can be labeled on us. Wind yourselves up with happiness instead of coffee and morning traffic.

You are capable of a better life.


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