Positive Quote of the Day: Challenges are an opportunity not an obstacle.

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“When faced with a challenge, look for a way,
not a way out.”
David Weatherford

I was talking with a good friend yesterday and we consistently struck upon a chord that rang to the tune of “I have too much to do, and not enough help”. Now, this particularly harsh toned note sounds all too familiar, no?

Too often do we find ourselves hung up on the mere idea of facing the mountain of problems to be conquered.  But, like Don Quixote we must face the giants that, to us, are both perceived and real. Like valiant knights we must ride the steeds of our courage and fearlessness into the battle of daily life. Even with Don Quixote’s’ quirks and oddities he had a conviction seldom few of his peers had.

He was committed to his goals.

So, when you see your challenges in front of you often times we only have two options: 1. Run or 2. Stay and fight the good fight. Yes, you may end up like Icaras of old, but that person looking you back in the mirror will respect you for having tried.

Stay and fight the good fight, and solicit help when needed.

As a young adult male I find it difficult to overcome the “lone warrior” syndrome and wanting to be the man to conquer the world by himself, but that my friends is one of the greatest fallacies we can invest in. Even a simple gesture of reaching out your hand can open a doorway you never thought possibly. Do not let your pride cause you to sink with the ship, Jesters and Harlequinns.

“Where there is a will there’s a way” as they always say. And that, my friends, is the essence of my message to you today. You have all the necessary tools, you have the talent, and you have options to conquer your own ‘windmill giant’. Venture out into the stormy seas for there you will end up exploring your inner most self.

Now repeat after me:


I am ready to fight for my future.

I can do anything.

I will ask for help when needed.

Challenges are opportunities.


Now, go out and conquer you world.



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