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The Royal Order of the Tutor

By: Joshua M. Colliluori (Pen name: Nosef Thing)


                It takes a special sort of man or woman to stand in front of hundreds if not thousands of people, and capture their hearts and minds, to direct them from out of the darkness of their own folly and into the light of knowledge and truth, to be a gentle shepherd to those unfortunate souls who find themselves fallen on hard times, and finally to be a calm voice of reason through the tumult of madness rampant in our world.

 Fortunately for tutors, we only have to focus on one student at a time.

This semester at NOVA, the Manassas campus in particular, has put their sights on an area that has been somewhat lagging: on campus mentoring. With attendance at NOVA seemingly on the rise; the need for gifted student mentors is in demand.

From my experience: no class is without a need of some out-of-classroom assistance. As such the aforementioned mentors leave very classes without that necessary service. To illustrate this point I will describe a few of my outstanding fellow tutors: Mateusz (Matt) Filipowicz  is brilliant with computers  and plans on looking for work in the IT private sector, Brian Urias is taking classes and is well versed in Arabic and practices it regularly, and Aaron Deneau is a mathematician par excellence. That is only a fraction of what these human ‘super computers’ are capable of. Now, as for the wonderful, beautiful, and beyond knowledgeable team who greets all visitors with a smile: Cheryl Snider, Jill MacDiarmid, Christine Rainey, and the other staff are truly wonderful to work with. And who can forget the always pleasant Mrs. LaDelta Williams who is the ‘go-to’ guru for problem shooting, and of course all things tutoring. If my humble descriptions haven’t sold you on these Kings and Queens of education; visit the testing center and have a conversation with them. They might just give you the royal wave as you depart.

Seriously, my friends, if you are in need of direction and “the struggle is real” then visit my friends. They are some of the most delightful people on campus, and really put the effort into turning your frustration and confusion into peace and understanding.

So, if you ever find yourself in the throes of a marauding math class or faced down by the IT the Terrible… Call on the Royal Order of the Tutor to be your knight in shining armor.



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