Yesterday, and what could have been regret a huge regret tomorrow.

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If I told you tomorrow you would age by 20 years: what would you think of? Would you think of: missed opportunities, good times you had, or someone you wished you had been honest with. To this end we always assume that we will never have large regrets, because we will have had the courage to accept life’s more important choices. These regrets, of which, will become cornerstones in our memories. It is comfortable and easy for us to maintain the fantasy that we have no control and that the past was simply unfavorable to us.

I am certain I have posted about this topic in a previous post, but certain events have transpired that has made me consider the aforementioned word. I had two options: be honest with my feelings to someone, or keep them inside and maintain status quo. Obviously, the latter would be the more difficult option, but in the end one that would eliminate future regret. At the urging of a good friend I chose to tell someone a very deep secret. Was it the right thing to do? Will my fortune be drastically changed? One can never know such things (without consultation of a fortune cookie, maybe). I was afraid of the repercussions like any sane person with something to lose. But, this subject person meant very much to me, and it would be a sin to let such a beautiful notion join with the other intangible ideas and fade away like the sunset. It took a certain amount of courage to pick up that phone and, as John Mayer simply states, “say what you need to say”. My honesty comes from a fear. That fear is this: if I cannot be honest now, and with the person I care about, then who truly can I be honest with?

But let me tell you: upon divulging that secret I felt a weight leave my body and mind. It was cathartic to say the least. I wouldn’t encourage my readers to do something I haven’t attempted, because they say a writer with experience in the field, in which he is writing, is the most effective writer. Consider taking that leap of faith and placing your trust in someone. Now, bear in mind two things before you do so: what type of information am I providing, and how will this affect this person. Ask yourself those questions first, and come to a decision. Watch or youtube “the Newsies” and you will hear them sing about “Carpe Diem” or the simple phrase “seize the day”. And honestly I will not stray too far from my main point, but if you have ever ‘put off’ or procrastinated on something you’ve always wanted to do… Do it. As Khalil Gibran muses “Your living is determined not so much by what life brings to you as by the attitude you bring to life; not so much by what happens to you as by the way your mind looks at what happens.” It matters not what happens, for the purposes of this article, it matters what DOES NOT happen.

What has been your biggest regret?

*Think long and hard*

Make sure you don’t have another.

Life your life today for it will not be there tomorrow.

(BC- thank you for listening with an open mind, and being the wonderful woman you are. You will always have a home in my heart.)



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