Positive Quote of the day: Winning

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“Winners make a habit of manufacturing their own positive expectations in advance of the event.”

Brian Tracy 

To understand this quote you must first define ‘winner’. The inescapable truth is: we all have different meanings for this word. To me: a winner is someone who rises above adversity to meet the ordinary or extraordinary challenges placed in front of him/her. Notice I mentioned ‘ordinary or extraordinary’, because in life there is no such thing as “Easy Mode”.We are faced with the complexities of every day problems from: making ends meet, knowing what to say to someone, and overcoming a life threatening illness. A winner can meet these problems face to face, as if standing tall against a tidal wave that reaches to the sky, and believing in yourself.

A winner can overcome. A winner can move a mountain. A winner can embody all of the positive qualities he/she desires to be.

But, how does one change their thought process to become a winner? Simple, through Positive thinking. Those two words are the key to these positive quotes: positive thinking. With positive thinking we can: control our self-image, turn a negative situation into a positive learning experience, and even help others to see a brighter day and individual within themselves (how cool is that?).

So, with positive thinking leading to positive expectations we can come into any situation and look for the best in it. No matter what the situation: you can always make the decision to be happy.

Finally, notice the end of this quote “in advance of an event”. Have a big presentation this week? Preparation and Visualization for a positive outcome will lead you to a winning attitude and possibly a big win! Provide yourself with positive affirmations before a big event, and feel your mood improve and your self-esteem improve. You must believe you are a winner. You must believe you are capable of anything in this world.

Winners can MAKE a habit of expecting positive outcomes out of future events, because they believe themselves to be winners. 

Traffic sign for Winners or Losers - business concept


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