Positive quote of the day: The Difference. In memory of John Fitzgerald Kennedy.

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“One person can make a difference and every person should try.”
–John Fitzgerald Kennedy

Change? What does this word change mean? All too often the word is associated with a sort of 180 degree turn from failure to success.  That idea is flawed at the very inception of this notion.

Change is gradual.

And by the example put forth by John F. Kennedy in this quote: we have a duty to fufill if positive change is what we seek.  

It is not a murky ideal of the greater good or some distant and unachievable goal. Whims and fancy do not effect the outcome whatsoever. As any good parent will tell their child “anything worth having is something that doesn’t come easy.” Change isn’t easy.

Change is the realization of small goals.

Baby steps. One foot must be put in front of the other to achieve success in changing something (consquently Rome was not built in a day).

But have no doubt. Change is possible. The falling tree IS heard in when it does crash to the ground, the stars CAN be reached, and you CAN achieve your dreams.

JFK had a plan.

If you plant the seeds of empowerment in people those tiny mustard seeds will grow into a proud, tall, and colorful plant. By making people believe in themselves, and want to succeed, amazing things were accomplished. If you are familiar with history JFK announced that America would go to the moon, and while he did not live to see his dream follow through…

On July 20th, 1969: We walked on the moon with Apollo 11.


It is Time to Act

Change begins with the changing of the way we think. JFK believed that we all have the capability within us to make a change, and be the people to put a man on the moon, and we have a duty to prove him right. Just like our fallen president our lives can flicker out just as shortly as our last breath or as long as the blink of an eye. What do you stand to lose? What do you stand to gain? The world needs you to realize your incredible potential, and change the course of history much like JFK did.  


Find your change, and live it.


 (John Fitzgerald Kennedy- May 29, 1917 – November 22, 1963)3

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