Bella Rose Photography: A heart for all creation.

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bella horse

First, I must comment on the relationship between not just this young woman, but a relationship shared by certain people with their animals/pets. It is a bond that literally needs no words to communicate feelings, desires, and love. Earlier in this blogs history you might remember a re-blog of a post about a man who loved his husky so much he would walk his arthritic dog into the cools waters of a lake they lived off of to sooth the dog and put him to sleep. It is a relationship that transcends the world and its boundaries and looks deeply into a simpler world.

This picture spoke to me because of  just adorable nature of this photograph. As someone who does not spend much time with animals (my most recent experience was being bitten by one) it touches my heart, because it makes me believe it is possible to have that special relationship with an animal.



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