Positive Quote of the Day: Strategizing Optimism

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“You’ve done it before and you can do it now. See the positive possibilities. Redirect the substantial energy of your frustration and turn it into positive, effective, unstoppable determination.”
Ralph Marston

 As most of us college students are preparing for the jolt of the Fall Semester, employees vacation time is ending, and the general ‘back to the grind stone’ mentality takes hold; I just want to remind everyone to look forward to the new challenges. Whatever your fear of the future may be you can overcome. From my perspective; the greatest fear in working on a project is STARTING the project. It is an understandable phobia, and of course makes total logical sense. The fear is:

  • “Will I be able to finish the work on time?”
  • “If I commit to this then I will be tied down, and I don’t want that.”
  • “What I am not good enough, talented enough, or gifted enough?”
  • “Will I live up to my own expectations?”
  • etc.

With that being said we can now move into the realm of doing. Once we overcome the fear of starting the project we must overcome our fear of doing it wrong in some way shape or form. In my professional opinion: we are lacking in confidence when we tell ourselves this. We should be reminding ourselves that Rome wasn’t built in a day, Tom Brady wasn’t born a Superbowl champion, and Fleetwood Mac wasn’t an overnight pop sensation.  So to must we start from the bottom. These people all (and places) all had visions for themselves and the incredible possibilities that it entailed. As I always tell my friends “Fail to plan; plan to fail”, because with a concrete plan there are clear benchmarks to measure success. And when we commit to a project we must envision the future creation, end game, or conclusion to help measure success and maybe even see ‘the light at the end of the tunnel’ (as cliche’ as that sounds).

As most of us have felt before, it is sometimes difficult to see the light at the end. Why? Because, we run into unforeseen difficulties, money problems, co-worker issues, etc. But, it is in how we deal with these road blocks that either shake us from our path of success or strengthen or resolve to maintain the course. Perseverance is the word. As the good book says: If you go to your neighbors house at a late hour to borrow bread, and he refuses, try again. Try until he grants you your request out of your persistence (pardon me if I butchered that!). So, if there are things frustrating you: take a deep breath. You’ve hit road blocks before that you have surmounted before hand. Turn that frustration and negative energy into a positive by channeling it BACK into your project. Much like anxiety about talking before a crowd you either freeze or use that nervous energy to succeed.

You succeed when you combine your energy, vision, and determination into the project you are tasked with. So, when you are faced with a difficulty in school, work, or home life just remember this article and the strategies you can use to turn your situation around for the better. If you do all of this I can almost guarantee that you too will be ‘positive, effective, and unstoppably determined.’

I do not own this picture.
I do not own this picture.




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