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The first year passes by…

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I think I’ll be single for a thousand days too… without my choice haha


One year passes me by. And yes, I have remained true.
635 days to go….

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Rachel E. by Bellarose Photography

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It always amazes me how even a colorless photograph can be so beautiful and captivating. It almost forces you to dig deeper and appreciate the subtleness of her eyes, and the small intricate patches of exquisiteness of the human form!

I do not own this picture this belongs to Bellarose Photography
I do not own this picture this belongs to Bellarose Photography

Positive quote of the Day! Upsy-daisy!

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I do believe we’re all connected. I do believe in positive energy. I do believe in the power of prayer. I do believe in putting good out into the world. And I believe in taking care of each other.
Harvey Fierstein 

Today more than I ever I believe in the power of prayer. It is because of my faults and the faults of man that I put my faith in something greater than my understanding. In that sense we are all connected through a life line of thoughts that are considered prayer. We are all connected by the air breath and the ground we walk it!

In some form or another we are connected.

And if that is so: like the finger is connected to the hand, and the head to the neck so too is our human counterparts. We need each other as much as we hate to admit it. As we take care of ourselves and our families so too should we care for the others around us. It would be convenient to only care for ones teeth, but if the rest of the body decays, what will have been the point of having good teeth if the body dies?

Jest a thought my friends.

I don't own this picture
I don’t own this picture

Speaking Candidly: the Death of my grandfather.

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I was in 8th grade getting ready for lights out at Fork Union Military Academy. The snow was falling ever so gently that night. After brushing my teeth I remember the officer on my hall calling me to officer’s station in the middle of the barracks that separated Alpha Company for Bravo Company. There my Commandant was, just there in his green faculty uniform.

“Son, you’re grandfather has passed. You’re parents are on their way.” He said it with a sort of hardness but with an unusual mix of compassion. I remember him getting a blanket for me. After that I couldn’t help myself but shed tears. I cried because there was unfinished business, I cried because there was so much about the man I would never know, I cried because his last words to me were that he never wanted to see me again.

My experience with him as a young boy was one of changing times. As children of the 1990’s we were blessed with rapidly changing times and technology. My grandfather wasn’t very open about who he was, and what his past was. I do remember a time when my grandfather answered all my questions as a kid on the car ride up to their house one summer, but that’s as close as I remember getting to him. But as I grew up: I was left alone and to my own devices. Of course, it was no fault of my parents being in separate states and the one parent at home working nights, and sleeping mornings. Unfortunately that being the case I was left to my own devices… I got into trouble. My form of trouble: staying up as long as I wanted and doing what I wanted. I was very tame in my amusement at age 9, but who was to tell me no? I occasionally pretended my flamethrower soldier could actually melt the other one, which was just me with a lighter. Unfortunately, late night television lent itself to the more adult form of entertainment, and I was mesmerized. To this day I can’t fathom what my life would be like today if I hadn’t been exposed to such mature content. From horror movies, late night cartoons, Adult rated movies I watched it all. This, of course, leads me to the next segment of where this story will lead us.

This is the summer that will forever be burned into my memory. My parents were sending me to go visit my grandparents for the summer. I had to have been 10 or 11 at the time. My aunt and uncle were living with my grandparents until their house could be built, and my aunt needed a lot of attention. The adults, grandparents and relatives, lived upstairs and my brother and I were downstairs. There was a TV and a computer (back in the days of dial up). Everything had been fine between my grandparents, but that would soon change after that summer.

Over the course of time our grandparents would have us do chores around the house, and of course being obedient children we would do them, and for the most part we were left to our own devices. I just remember staying down in that dark basement for hours just watching TV and going to adult places. Day and night there I would be exploring things one so young shouldn’t be. I am ashamed to write these words, but they are God’s own truth. One instance in particular; my aunt came downstairs because she needed to use the phone (because dial up disabled home phone use), and I hid because of shame I suppose, but even at that age I knew what I was doing wasn’t right, but I couldn’t help myself. I was addicted.

After a while my grandparents didn’t really know what to do with me. I wasn’t being wild and crazy, I wasn’t setting things on fire, I was just in the basement doing god knows what. I don’t really remember too much about how the fight with my grandfather started but I do remember clearly how it finished. There was a chore that needed to be done, specifically weeding around the tree, but I was fighting doing the task. In my mind I’m sure it made perfect sense, but now I wish I could take it all back. My grandfather was the type of man to say something and mean it, and only asked once. But, I fought him and I remember my words very clearly.

“I hope I never have to come back here again.”

In response to my callous words found a sharp rebuttal

“Good. Because, I hope I never have to see you again.”

            After that summer the two weeks we were there for the summers were cut down to a few days. I knew and know that I was the cause for the change. From then on out my relationship with my grandparents had been strained and I could never recover the innocence I had lost in their eyes. The traditional side to them would not forgive me and my sins against them. Unfortunately, the word might have spread to my extended family, and that of course is the conspiracy theorist in me, but sometimes I felt as if they could see right through me and see all my mistakes.

I saw my grandfather very sparingly after that summer, and he spoke with me little if at all. My grandmother I knew was affected by my poor behavior as well. She was less fond of me after that summer as well. But, the past is the past, and as much as I would take back every second… I cannot.

We got the news he was sick a few years later. He had non-alcoholic cirrhosis of the liver, and quickly found himself bed ridden in the hospital. Unfortunately, to his detriment, the hospital made a mistake and gave him tainted medical equipment and fell further into illness. I had the chance to see him with my family in the hospital, and it was shocking. I had never seen him so pale, so flat, and so helpless in his fight…  His dark hair matted with sweat, his olive oil skin pale and clammy, and his eyes were depressed and closed up almost like a decrepit home. When it came to finally giving my grandfather my last words: I needed to be alone with him to say what I needed to say, but my father was in the room with me and I just couldn’t. Still to this day I don’t think I could have brought myself to say what I needed to say in there. Fittingly he could not speak to me either because of the medication. What would have changed if I had said what I needed to say…? Would this regret in my heart have passed with him? Not even the world’s greatest minds could solve that riddle…

After I had received the news my grandfather had passed I was whisked away to the land of Benjamin Franklin and the Philadelphia Eagles. I remember how bitterly my grandmother and family wept at the wake and the funeral. I was dressed in my Class A military uniform and I shook the hands of men and women I had never met, and will never meet again. I just remember the priest saying “he is in a better place”. It certainly made me think of eternity after he passed, and certainly where he would end up. I pray for his soul even now. I almost wish that he would look down on me and smile at the man I have become, but I have only my imagination to comfort me. I wasn’t the person that he needed me to be back then, but I will love for a higher purpose now, and I hope that will be enough to make him proud.

This post is an admission of a few things: the mistakes I have made, and my struggle with the passing of a loved one. I have made mistakes and I have tried to hide them, but I want people to know that I am flawed just like them, and that I hope this story gives them strength in knowing that they are not alone in that. I could only be so lucky that one day I will have the chance at redemption. If you are suffering the pain of loss: you are not alone, if you are suffering from the rejection by family members: you are not alone, if you are ashamed of your mistakes or sin: you are not alone. If you are suffering from severe depression and anxiety please seek medical attention, but know that you are never alone.

God has blessed me to bring you this story and I know he will bless you to overcome your struggles as well. 


Animal Tire Sculptures by Yong Ho Ji

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Animal Tire Sculptures by Yong Ho Ji.


This is some really cool art! Check it out! How awesome is this!?

‘Love and what it is to be young’ by Bellarose Photography

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When I was looking through her pictures there’s always one picture that catches my eye in a given week. This one just caught my eye. I have the pleasure of knowing the photographer and her family. They are wonderful people, and this picture really shows a little bit of that. It warms my heart to see such affection in a world where love is so hard to come by. I hope this picture restores you just a little bit as it has me. Check her work out on facebook at Bellarose Photography!

This picture belongs to bellarose photorgraphy
This picture belongs to bellarose photorgraphy

Positive quote of the day: Happiness, my dear friend, may you never leave.

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The way to happiness:  Keep your heart free from hate, your mind from worry.  Live simply, expect little, give much.  Fill your life with love.  Scatter sunshine.  Forget self, think of others.  Do as you would be done by.  Try this for a week and you will be surprised

– H. C. Mattern

Let us all try to remove ourselves from the wear and tear that ordinary life brings us. Your worth does not come from a job title, a fancy car, brand new outfits, and all of the other trappings of the world.

It comes from you. 

You are the greatest determining factor of your own happiness. If you learn to live without high expectation of life and others I can almost guarantee your future will look much brighter. Like I seed that has fallen in good soil your love will take root in all that you do. Others will respond positively and you will be able to ‘weed’ out those that would choke your growth and happiness. The golden rule calls us to be fair, just, and loving to our neighbors as such I humbly request that you, my readers, try to embody as well. Hate is what divides us, sadness and hard times embitter us, selfishness hardens our hearts, and impropriety weaken our love for others. Why don’t you and I take up the challenge of being a role model for others?

A good life isn’t hard to find when one simply loves. If we give up the great lie that is money than the world and it’s sunshine will open up to you. Give of yourself to others and life’s small gifts to us become magnified and even more beautiful and full.

Today I ask you to reread this quote and employ it this week or the next.

Happiness is a choice, and happiness is what I wish for you. 

I do not own this picture belongs to
I do not own this picture belongs to