Evil dead: beating a dead horse? Or Demonically Delicious?

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Bruce Campbell producer, Fede Alvarez director

If you have the stomach for horror movies: prepare for Evil Dead. With a fantastic promotional campaign the Evil Dead franchise has been brought back from the (Evil) Dead. From those of us who remember the earlier version of Evil Dead: Bruce Campbell was the original lead and has now come back from the (Evil) Dead to help resurrect this movie!

With a new set of actors and a new direction Fede Alvarez and company set out to make a film worth watching. You will see the likes of: Jane Levy (Fun Size, Shameless), Shiloh Fernandez (Red Riding Hood, Gossip Girl), and Lou Taylor Pucci (Fast Food Nation, Fanboys). Quite possibly the best theatrical performance was provided by Jane Levy and Lou Pucci. Jane Levy really brought you into the sinister world of demonic possession. One of the most unnerving moments when she sadistically cuts her tongue in two! The success of this movie was largely left up to her, and for what she was required to do she did a good job. As for Lou Pucci he had a good performance (markedly better than his costars).  The incredible thing was: he kept coming back from blow after blow: nail gunned in the arm, stabbed in the side, stabbed with a syringe in the face, beaten with a crowbar, etcetera. While, I appreciated that and other things, everything else I found lacking. The dialogue was just not there, and truthfully with a horror movie you may not need good dialogue (just watch a Scy-fy B movie). As for the setting they used: it was okay. Much like the rest of the aspects I’ve covered they stuck to one place, which worked for the movie, and it was necessary, but it wasn’t anything exceptional.  There they were: Just a log cabin in the woods (yawn) with a couple of young people in it. Nothing could go amiss in that scenario. The best setting they had was the scene in the woods (no spoiler alert here folks).

While the actors themselves may not blow you away with their acting prowess; the Evil Dead certainly makes up for it with special effects and nerve wracking moments. This new installment certainly takes a more serious approach than its predecessor. The gore is tuned way up, they story line is tweaked, and the fear factor has been upgraded as well. Again, this movie focuses heavily on the magic of horror movies and that’s one of the things I like about it. I am impressed with the cinematic quality and effort that Ghost House has put into this production. Each grueling demon filled moment had me gripping the seat and waiting to see what happened next. The beauty of waiting for things (horror) to happen is that the audience just wants to be taken from A to B. They want to see the gore and the horror, but don’t necessarily care about the route they take to get there. With that being said they certainly did take us on a devilishly wild journey!

Final thoughts: This movie, while lacking in some areas, picked up the slack in good ole fashion horror. Don’t go to this movie to see a moving theatrical performance, but go for the cinematic and the fear factor. I would approve of seeing this movie in theaters, but would not recommend this as a MUST see.


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$14,000,000 (estimated)

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