Daily Positive: Cancer Relay for Life.

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Kath 2

Kathryn C 1

Kathryn’s story:

“Why do I Relay? Because my grandpa died from malignant melanoma, only 2 months after he was diagnosed. Because my grandma is a breast cancer survivor, along with many other family friends. Because I have friends who suffered from leukemia a…nd lymphoma as children, and they are also survivors. Because I know I am at a higher risk of cancer due to my family history. Because NO ONE is immune to cancer, so ANYONE can get it when you least expect it. Because we should not stop the fight until 100% of people affected by cancer are guaranteed to survive. It’s a cause worth fighting for, so join me in defeating cancer once and for all!”



Sarah C 1

Sarah C 2

Sarah’s story: (top photo)

“3 years ago today I lost the woman who inspired me to not only be a better person, but a never-ending Relayer. I met Sue  Jones at my first Relay event and she made it what it was supposed to be for me – a life-changing experience. I would …not be where I am today had I not met her that day and gotten to know her & her amazing support circle since then.  I will be back on the track where I first met her in Friday, celebrating her life & everything she taught me, & remembering that cancer will never take away our hope and our determination. I’ll keep fighting for you Mrs. Jones.”
(I believe she also Relays for her father as well.)
These two women are the real heroes that young women should look up to.
Women with a purpose.
They are fighting for a cause as much as their own, but for their community. We all have a story to share and I am so thankful to be able to share theirs. It is also my distinct privalege to know the both of them and with their tireless efforts and support… they just might end Cancer themselves!
I myself have lost a close family member: my aunt Margret. I love her and miss her. And I currently have an uncle whom is battling cancer as well. This disease has affected me as much as these two brave young women. I wish all the best for a cause that truly deserves it.
If you have the time to be a part of Cancer Relay for life or would like to donate to their cause please message me and I will get you in contact with the right people.
Please consider this seriously because it is a most worthy cause.

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