Silver Linings Playbook: An HONEST TO GOD Review (from a movie fan in general)

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I had high expectations for this movie going into it. I can’t tell you why, but I had a good feeling about it. Just the title alone got me excited about this movie, because it is right on par with my own new view of things. It is the silver lining in life that is HOPE for a better life. Bradley Coopers character was a beaten down guy. An ugly divorce with a cheating wife and a mental breakdown. He starts at the bottom: a mental hospital. Not too long later his mother comes to pick him up, and he’s out.

There are two main ideas that run Pat’s (Bradley Cooper) world:  The Silver Lining, and getting his wife back to him. The hospital helped him to come up with this plan, but in this movie he completely makes it his own. The theory for Pat is that if he tries his hardest and puts everything he has into it then he could get his wife back. Regardless if he tries hard enough there will be a silver lining. I am completely a fan of this type of logic.

Honestly, the first time I was introduced to Pat I didn’t like him. He was rough around the edges, blunt, and a little hard to deal with. The exact thing that reminds us of work, and preconceived notions of mental illness, and just how difficult people can be. But, as I watched Pat grow and I learned more about him he became a person I liked and I WANTED to see succeed. Although, I knew he was misguided all along. Trying to go after a wife that had cheated on him… Mmm Bad news there my friend, but it gave him drive and it gave him purpose. I could understand to an extent where Pat was coming from.

Enter: Jennifer Lawrence. 

Otherwise known as Tiffany in the movie. Interestingly enough… I had the same initial reaction for Tiffany that I had for Pat. She was abrupt, abrasive, and difficult to handle. She had demons of their own much like Pat. While we as the audience could easily spot her flaws and deal with our initial reactions of her. We come to find out that her husband had died and in such a way the she blamed herself for not being a certain way when he was alive. Her psychological issues become less of a road block for us to connect with her and more of an open wound that we hope Pat can be the one to fix. We find out that more and more Tiffany likes Pat, but Pat cannot bring himself to commit. Tiffany is constantly seeking Pat’s love throughout the movie. That is her road block. Pat cannot bring himself to love Tiffany, because she wants to earn his ex wife’s love back.

All the while Pat is dealing with his family issues. A certain amount of shame that Pat feels for being the way he is, the restraining order that seems to follow him around everywhere in the movie, his ex-wife, and his fathers view of him as a “lucky” charm for the Philadelphia Eagles games he bets on. Oh, and a friend named Danny (Chris Tucker) who is continuously breaking out of the mental hospital to hang out with Pat.

All the while Pat is trying to show his ex-wife that he’s changed. Tiffany must painfully watch. 

Near the end Tiffany gives him a new purpose. Both something to strive for: the dance contest and to get the letter from his ex-wife. At the end we find that Pats ex-wife shows up to the contest. Pats father places a bet that is a two-pronged bet: 1 the eagles must win their game and Pat and Tiffany must score at least a 5.

Suffice it to say… They win. Witch was one of my favorite parts in the movie.

Tiffany is excited to win the bet, but looks on to see Pat with his ex wife.

Que: the most touching scene in the movie

Tiffany runs away because she can’t face that she’s never going to come first to Pat, and that her love will never be returned.

Pat runs after her, and writes her a letter. And tells her that he loves her.


This movie is incredible. The incredible acting, the incredibly powerful story, and amazing realism that I felt shine through in this movie. I love how they made US love Tiffany and Pat. I didn’t like them at the beginning, but that is the beauty of the movies. We as an audience fell in love with them. This movie makes you feel. You become a part of Pat’s family and you feel yourself become a part of the movie. That is why I love this movie. 

You need to see Silver Linings Playbook.

I do not own this picture
I do not own this picture

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