Try and be Charitable this Holiday Season!

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This is just a suggestion from another concerned blogger just like yourself! I just want to quickly suggest doing something nice for the holidays:

  1. Donate your time (if you don’t want to donate the money): Just give a little bit of time to help out a soup kitchen during this wonderful Christmas time. Don’t be afraid to be a good person! Those mean volunteers won’t take up that much time out of your day! All they ask usually is a 2 hour volunteer service!
    For the holidays during Thanksgiving I helped out (like I mentioned before) with Operation Turkey and hopefully I can do something else for Christmas.
  2. Donate your Money Now I know this is an iffy one because of all the fraud and identity theft, but know that you are doing it for the RIGHT reasons.
    For this Christmas I donated $10 for each of my family members to respectable charities for the less fortunate and Ill.
  3. Just do something nice for your neighbor! Give them a holiday card or just do something nice for them! It never hurts to be a good neighbor even when they might not have been such a good neighbor to you!
    I’ve already sent out my Christmas cards to family members all over I am going to put Christmas cards to my neighbors down the street and hopefully make Christmas a little BRIGHTER!

I want you guys to make a positive difference in other people’s lives and I am %100 sure you can do it! No doubt. I will try with you, my friends, to make that difference as well.

Happy Holidays!

I do not own this picture
I do not own this picture

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