The True Measure of a Man: Even Adults Get Bullied.

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Here is a great story of someone doing the right thing in this world. Bullying is not just a problem for children it happens everywhere in every age group. Michael Golder stood up for something he believed in and made a difference. Bravo. I pray that I have the same courage when I see something like this happen.

These are his own words:

” Greg was just sitting on the couch trying to sleep and his three friends came over to him. The Leader of the Three started calling the guy fat, big, humungous, lazy ass, wimp and saying that the Greg needed to get up and do something about it. Leader was laughing the whole time, making jokes at the guy’s expense, and the two minions laughed at every single joke but did not say any of their own.

After like 5 minutes, the Greg gets off the couch and blows up and starts hitting Leader in the back. Greg stops and lays back down and the Leader stops laughing. The Leader starts going on and on about how if he starts bleeding from the punches that he’s going to kick Greg’s ass and reeeally fuck him up. The Leader truly commands the whole room, when he’s talking no one else speaks and when someone speaks he tells them to shut up. He makes a big deal out of the fact that he’s an honorable man and that he’ll only mess up Greg if any blood is drawn.

I stood up and told him that that is no way to talk to anyone, ever. I told the Leader that he brought this on himself by picking on Greg, by belittling him, by having 3 vs. 1 in tough talk about how Greg is a loser. I told the Leader that no one in the room agrees that Greg hit him, but that he was also part of the problem by being aggressive. Two wrongs, you know what I mean? Two stupid things happened from both sides, but one of those things I truly believe was self-defense. I told the Leader I was sick of hearing him talk of how he was going to physically hurt Greg beyond repair. I was completely adamant when I told the Leader, that if he wanted to ever hurt Greg again, that he would have to beat me up first. That I would take whatever abuse he had in his system, that I would stand and receive what I truly believe no man should ever receive from another. We do not hurt people in this house, we do not belittle others to appear more important or manly, and we do not run our mouths just to trot down on everyone else.

The Leader just kept saying “nah nah man, we’re not trying to beat YOU up, you’re cool dude.” But I wasn’t having it at this point. I felt bad for Greg for being demeaned as he’s just trying to fall asleep, I felt bad for the two minions because they obviously didn’t have ANY voice of their own when they stood behind Leader, and I felt bad for Leader because WE made him. Society made this. Men have to prove how manly they are, how driven by anger and revenge they are, how much superior to everyone else in the room they are. THAT’S what society thinks a “real man” is. And the Leader was born from this.

The Leader backed down from being mean to Greg, and the two minions stopped laughing. I brought everyone blankets and pillows and explained that I don’t hold things against people but I do stop bad things from continuing. I helped him find a bed and everything was cool after that, other than the fact that the Leader has a serious need to talk more than everyone else even after that. Later on the two minions came up to me at separate times and said that I did the right thing and that they realized what Leader was doing was just plain mean. I even overheard one of the minions talking to another person about how he thought the situation was messed up and that he wouldn’t do it again.”

I strongly encourage you to fight injustice when you see it. “Be like Mike” and do the right thing if not for that person do it for yourself.

Again, Bravo Michael for doing the right thing. You are more of a man than that bully will EVER be.


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