Sorry for the temporary break! We’ve been busy!

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So, let me go ahead and fill you, my valued blog followers, in on my recent developments! Some new events some old ones, but the game is still the same!

1. Phi Theta Kappa

I have joined Phi Theta Kappa or PTK for short ! It is an honor and a privilege for me to be a part of this prestigious society, and I hope to be a great addition to it. All while trying to complete the 5 star plan and achieve my academic goals.

2. Project Turkey!

I actually got involved with this volunteer opportunity through PTK recently. It is a non-profit to help those less fortunate have a meal on Thanksgiving. I donated time and money to this cause, because I am fortunate enough to lend my time and talent to them! Again my belief is that you truly appreciate what YOU have when you see others who DON’T have.

I do not own this picture [property of:]
  3. More Volunteer Work!

My service with the youth of my community has opened my heart truly to the joy of volunteering. High School and Middle School youth groups have been a challenge at times, but one that I am proud to call myself a part of. I hope to be a positive influence in our young people’s’ lives.

picture belongs to all saints youth ministry.

4. Work, work, work, work, work and work………

No picture needed for this one! It’s been long hours at work, and not a lot of time for me & my favorite blog in the universe!

I’m back once again. Thank you all for being patient.

More blog posts to come.


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