A vote for Sanity (Jest a poem)

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A vote for sanity

A ballot firmly set against the furious tide

A heated debate to defeat the growing madness

A poll to understand the twisted minds of those on the opposite side of reality

A fundraiser for common sense

A platform based on sound logic


No one will return to sanity

No one will fight this tide

No one will argue against this disease. this mental psychosis.

No one will vote for a reality when delusions are consumed like abused drugs

No one will campaign when insanity provides nothing

No one will stand at the platform


They want their lies so they can whet the appetite for their fantasies.

They want to live in the insane asylum they have committed themselves to

They will want it.

They will want it until it burns like a wildfire around them.

The doors will be locked to their cells and there will be nowhere to turn.


I cast my vote for sanity, and yet I will still burn with them. The asylum was built for everyone.


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