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Positive Quote of the day

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People never improve unless they look to some standard or example higher and better than themselves.

Look for positive role models in your life to MODEL what kind of life you WANT to lead. Believe it or not but the phrase ‘you are the company you keep’ holds a lot of meaning. Unconsciously you start to pick up on things your ‘circle’ does. Good or bad. So make the decision today to turn your life around in a good direction by making good decisions about who you hang out with!

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Sorry for the temporary break! We’ve been busy!

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So, let me go ahead and fill you, my valued blog followers, in on my recent developments! Some new events some old ones, but the game is still the same!

1. Phi Theta Kappa

I have joined Phi Theta Kappa or PTK for short ! It is an honor and a privilege for me to be a part of this prestigious society, and I hope to be a great addition to it. All while trying to complete the 5 star plan and achieve my academic goals.

2. Project Turkey!

I actually got involved with this volunteer opportunity through PTK recently. It is a non-profit to help those less fortunate have a meal on Thanksgiving. I donated time and money to this cause, because I am fortunate enough to lend my time and talent to them! Again my belief is that you truly appreciate what YOU have when you see others who DON’T have.

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  3. More Volunteer Work!

My service with the youth of my community has opened my heart truly to the joy of volunteering. High School and Middle School youth groups have been a challenge at times, but one that I am proud to call myself a part of. I hope to be a positive influence in our young people’s’ lives.

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4. Work, work, work, work, work and work………

No picture needed for this one! It’s been long hours at work, and not a lot of time for me & my favorite blog in the universe!

I’m back once again. Thank you all for being patient.

More blog posts to come.

A new way to spell positive: Jestawordonlife (PQD)

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Stop acting as if life is a rehearsal. Live this day as if it were your last. The past is over and gone. The future is not guaranteed.
Wayne Dyer
A quote to go along with the “A Worrisome Future” article. Being alive does not mean you are TRULY living. Making the most of your time here is paramount. Make the present what YOU want it to be. “Don’t leave it to the judges” a quote those of you who watch Ultimate Fighting will know. It basically means: don’t let someone else decide your future.
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A Worrisome Future: Through the Eyes of an American

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The markets are volatile, the world’s turned into a dangerous place, and the country has turned into a divided split on ideology. Friends and family argue ferociously over party lines and the course of this country. Politicians promise the changes we all want and deliver us excuses. A debt that there will be no quick fix to… States threatening succession from the Union. The United States is divided. That’s the honest to god truth. We are all standing on thin ice, and the cracks in the fragile ice become m0re and more apparent every day.

What can I do…? What can you do…? What are we to do…? 

I’ll tell you what I believe. My faith will guide me. This is a country that STILL affords me that right, and by god I will exercise it. The bible tells me not to worry because God will take care of you. Now, I know to some that’s a bunch of hogwash, but in this crazy world is faith really a bad thing? The belief that there is something or someone out there who can put your fears to rest, and aid you in all your troubles. Even if it gives you the peace of mind to make it through these difficult times, isn’t that enough? It is for me.

Instead of living my life in fear I will live in the light.

Instead of living my life in doubt I will enjoy the certainty of faith.

Instead of living in paranoia of my enemies I will pick up the shield of courage.

Although, others may tell me “your god is a myth.” My God will always be at my side. I am but a child and god is my parent, because even when I curse him and do wrong he will always find it in his heart to forgive me. I take solace in the fact no matter what I will have support. I do have my anxiety about the future, yes, but will I let it stop me? No.

The future is uncertain. But, I believe in America and what it’s founding fathers believed in. A country built on the belief that if you were a good man/woman you could make this country your own and pick the future you earned. My brothers and sisters the time to come together is now. The divisions that separate us are nothing more than pride. Even still I have faith in this country,  its people, and what the founding fathers believed this country could be. One day we will come together and unify like the Americans before us did, and heal the wounds of ideology and division.

With faith I believe we can do this. The faith in a brighter future. This is what MY FAITH affords me. I am in no position to preach, because God knows I have my demons, but I am in a position to speak on what I believe. So, take these words and try to take a positive message of hope from this.

There will be a bright future ahead. Even if we have to go through a bit of darkness to get there. No matter what God will provide.

God bless the USA, it’s people, and our soldiers/veterans who gave their lives to make this country what it is.

Let me leave you with this final passage:

“Cast your cares on the LORD and he will sustain you; he will never let the righteous fall.” Psalms 55:22.

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PQD: Positive

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Winston Churchill
“For myself I am an optimist – it does not seem to be much use being anything else.”

I thought this picture would work well for a positive boost to your day!

All credit go to the blog: Whispers Through Wheat. Check it out!

An Honest Discussion: Why don’t guys call back.

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Ladies: you find yourselves spinning your phone on the kitchen table, waiting. It’s 11pm and still no word back. Not even a call. Why? Was it something you did? Did you have food in your teeth? Oh, god you talked about your ex boyfriend too much didn’t you…

Now, I’ve been on both sides of the coin here. One side is more pleasant than the other, and I think you know which side it feels better to be on. Well, I certainly know that it feels better to be chased, because it makes you feel wanted and maybe even a little more attractive. So, from my point of view there are a few reasons why guys don’t call back

Let’s be honest here.

  • For some guys; they like the confidence boost of getting a text from a girl who likes them (just as well as the girl of course, I imagine). A guy doesn’t text/call back because: he doesn’t want to be considered as ‘clingy’, he doesn’t want you to get tired of him, he has other options, or just plain not interested.
  • The dates that you’ve gone on with ‘Mr. Right’ may not have gone how you expected… It’s not necessarily your fault though! Sometimes us guys find faults with even the best things. Don’t take this as a sign to change yourselves ladies. Take it as a sign to keep being yourself.
  • Have the courage to show your interest! Ladies sometimes you give us men too much credit. We all aren’t as smart as we look… Especially in my case: I can’t always tell when a woman is flirting with me. Crazy isn’t it? But, it’s a fact. So whether your with him or not drop little hints that you are interested. Or in my case drop HUGE hints. A lot of guys get discouraged and give up after a while. So take a chance!
  • Let’s face it a lot of guys are jerks. Period.  Having ‘relations’, ‘intercourse’, ‘hooking up’, whatever you want to call it guys think about it. It’s in our DNA to want to reproduce so don’t hate us for that. Just look for the signs that a guy is only trying to hook up. I believe you are all intelligent enough to tell the difference, but for those of you who want examples I will provide them: only calling at night, changing the conversation to innuendos or conversation of a sexual nature, coming over late at night only, not willing to hang out outside of the bedroom, etc. Honestly, there are people out there who don’t have your best interests at heart. All guys don’t want to just get in your pants.

I don’t want to crush you with information, but this is my professional male opinion to help you better understand the mind of a man. Also you must understand these are just archetypes and things I’ve done or seen in my experience. Speaking of experience: everyone’s experiences are different and these may not pertain to you at all!

Guys don’t call back. Girls don’t call back. That’s the way things go. Don’t dwell on it.

The biggest piece of advice I can give you is: be yourself. One day you will find the person who accepts and loves you for who you are. Mr. Rights aren’t Mr. Rights until a Mrs. Right meets him (even then there are still a lot of Re-Rights). So, tonight don’t waste time spinning your phone and wondering what you did wrong, because there are a thousand reasons what could have gone wrong. What I am saying is: just be you and relax.

Stay classy.

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