The Fine Art of Letting Go.

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(…I know how cliché the title of this post is, but in my opinion its an incredible gift and power to be able to detach yourself from the chains that bring you down.)

It seems that all too often we hold on to things and find ourselves unable to let go. Of course I refer to myself as a prime example for exhibiting this kind of behavior and thought pattern. I, myself, have an acute realization that I suffer from this anxiety of needing to know exactly where I went wrong and go through the mental checklist of what I could have done to fix it.

Text book over thinking. It’s a normal condition. We all do it. Well, okay it’s just me… Or is it….?! What do you think?!

That’s  just it: over thinking. We analyze the information, we recall the texts, we remember everything and yet we cannot fix our problem with the situation. Why, because the answer has been staring us in the face the whole time. There is a part of us that wants the love and attention of someone we cannot have or lost (I’m sure it’s a character flaw in myself as well). The answer is to be able to find peace within about the situation. There is a good reason why people walk in and out of our lives. It is to show us how beautiful life can be. The door has closed and yet another beautiful person will find his or her way onto our path.

That right there is where we need to put our hope and energy into. Making ourselves the best people we can be and reaching towards a brighter future. Dwelling on past loves will drown you in ‘what if’s’ and ‘what did I do wrong’s’. What is done is done. You need to remind yourself that you are the best you YOU can be, and if not now WILL BE. Someone is waiting for you in your future. There is nothing there waiting for you in your past.

Rehashing the past is like trying to find the winning lottery ticket you accidentally threw away at the garbage dump. Although you may find it again; the odds are heavily stacked against you. You need to delete the old texts, erase the phone number contact, De-friend them on Facebook you do whatever is necessary to necessitate your emotional recovery.

It’s like Uncle Rico from Napoleon Dynamite it is that sort of detachment to the present that is dangerous for us “Boy, if coach would have put me in the game… We’d have taken state”. Yeah, right. I am only offering my two cents and personal experience (maybe it makes less cents/sense than that! ha wordplay). Don’t get caught up in blaming yourself for the way someone else feels. Period.

  •  Remember your past is your past. Your future has yet to be written.
  • People walk out of our lives to make room for new ones.
  • ‘Guilt tripping’ yourself about past relationships serves no one. “Don’t get caught up in blaming yourself for the way someone else feels. Period.”
  • Don’t over think things. Sometimes we make life harder on ourselves that way.

So, do yourself a favor, and think about what I have written here on this digital paper. Like I mentioned above I have my past that I am still struggling with, but if we can put these simple truths to the test it may help.

Thank you for reading.

Don’t end up like this poor fella…

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