“You’ve got the Mass, but not the Definition.”

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The title refers to a quote of a man I met at the gym. His name for all intents and purposes was Horace. Now, why would I quote something like this, well let me explain. For all of you gym buffs or no this refers to having a lot of muscle mass but not a lot of definition to those muscles (the curvature).  Now, this was a guy who happened to be a fitness trainer so, one would think, he knew his stuff about muscles. We of course chatted and joked a little bit getting to know one another, business cards were exchanged, and goodbyes were made.

Our conversation got me thinking though… This same quote could be applied to just about everything. My body had been lacking muscle tone/definition. I worked hard at the gym, but there was just something missing… It wasn’t for lack of trying, but it was more of a lack of knowledge about how to achieve my goals.

My belief is that the same idea can be applied to: faith, work, and relationships/friendships. For example; you may be a believer but you do not exercise your faith. You are a popular person amongst your social circle, but make no attempt to maintain and keep those friends. Are you starting to get the idea?

Effort and the proper use of force, focus, and intelligence will help you succeed in every area of your life. By doing this you exercise every part of you.   By channeling our energy in the correct ways we find success. Like working out using proper technique to discipline ourselves (and our bodies) we achieve our potential and maximize results. Which will lead to greater sense of accomplishment and a higher sense of well-being (which we all are in desperate need of).

Now, conceptualizing this idea of  (what I will call) Lifestyle Definition,  into a life style may not be as easy as it sounds. In truth… it won’t be, but just like working out that is not easy either. You are made into a better person through adversity and resistance. And like age-old adage goes “no pain no gain”. Life is full of adversity to help create that definition for us. Challenging yourself to be better and do better will make you a successful human being (this is by my standards), but you must find your own path of course, but I will not stray from the topic at hand.

To reiterate my main point: Effort and the proper use of force, focus, and intelligence will help you succeed in every area of your life. These are not radical ideas, but something we have all known. And like my friend Horace said “You have the mass you just lack the definition”. I will make it a personal mission to keep stretching my boundaries and become a better person, and maybe one day… I’ll achieve the definition I am looking for.

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