How do we value ourselves?

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To really explain why I wanted to write this piece today the idea I have to go back a few months. The original inception for this idea came from a friend of mine who with the campaign of his church to end human trafficking/human slaves. All of the attendants of this meeting took a simple picture: it was of themselves holding a sign that read ‘Real Men Don’t Buy Women’. The message is apparent.

After reading this it got me thinking. Not just about the central message, but of the thought process that followed after. It made me think of how we value ourselves in our modern society. Now, there is no easy answer to this question because the nature of society is ever-changing much like nature itself. But, in my opinion the Dollar sign is what defines us.

It is the brand on the clothes we wear, the phone we send text messages on, it even comes down to what coffee you drink. This is not a new concept by any means. This is an idea and a way of life older than Alexander the great and as old as fashion itself. It is sad to think that the problems that history has highlighted for us have been overlooked if not all together been pushed under the gossip and fashion outlets. As human beings we seek the acceptance of our peers sometimes to a ridiculous extent. But, in certain instances we see celebrities try to be “liberal” and “ingenuitive” to boost their value. When we see that-that behavior is nothing more than a “money-making” scheme.

Why do we work so hard to be like our “idols” and have this new sheik extravagance? Our possessions grip us in a choke hold of  constant upkeep, and update.

What do I mean by upkeep and update?  I am saying that you are a slave to fashion in that sense. If you are not up to date you are dead in the water. Your fashion ceases being fashionable and it becomes just another hand bag or just some old set of shoes. You are a slave to your possessions by the upkeep as well. A brief example: if you have the latest Iphone but have a cracked screen that is not fashionable or sexy. It has to be up kept.

So, in my opinion the dollar sign enslaves us to a life that is ultimately unfulfilled. We try to quench our thirst with things and possessions that our society tells us will give us status. But, what is status? Somebody pointing to say ‘ooh’ at your new Lambo. What you don’t see is the crushing debt.

In my opinion to lead a fuller life one that doesn’t leave you with a thirst that you just can’t seem to quench: live for others. I don’t mean live every moment of your day doing someone elses laundry (for you mothers who do THANK YOU) or landscaping your neighbor’s lawn, but to help when necessary. Our resolve has been weekend the dollar sign, but you will discover that when you take yourself out of the rat race for a minute a wonderful world opens up to you. A world that you free yourself. Society will tell you there are a set criteria of being a socially acceptable “success”. When all you need to be a success is happiness and a belief in yourself. Sure the glitter and fame is nice, but even the most successful are empty and depressed.

So, don’t let your Facebook picture paint a picture of someone who is chained by fashion. You think you’re imprisoned, but you’ve had the key the whole time.


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