The verdict is out… “Lawless” is a must see. Period.

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You know when I post about a movie I am VERY excited about it. Quite frankly I believe this movie has been UNDER-Hyped. For the sheer quality of: screen writing, staging, action, and on screen chemistry it is well worth the $15. Now, I don’t praise movies lightly, but this deserves it.
I would like to cover the main characters:

1. Tom Hardy as Forest Bondurant:
A stoic character with the grit and the strength both of character and of body he makes for a true leader. A character that is reminiscent of John Wayne Himself. He is a man of few words, but when he talks YOU listen. Easily My favorite character. Must watch again scene: when Forest goes to check the car at night, alone… (amazing acting).


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 2. Shia Labeouf as Jack Bondurant:
A character based around youth and inexperience, but with a zeal and energy floating about him. Shia does a very good job at delivering us a hit performance with this film. From the hard to watch beat downs he receives to the emotion he POURS into his character. By far one of his best in my opinion. Must watch again scene: Running the Barricade.

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 3. Guy Pearce as “Special Agent” Charlie Rakes:

A man the audience will LOVE to HATE. His disgust and general disregard for others will lead you down a dark path in this movie. From his greased back hair to his polished box toed shoes he is evil down to the core. It is hard to watch him work, but as a bad guy… there is none better. An exceptional job done by this ‘lawman’ to show how ‘lawless’ he really was.

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 4. Dane DeHaan as Cricket Pate:

A wonderful departure from his character in ‘Chronicle’ from a serious and somewhat morbid young man to a chipper if not a little dim-witted young man. None the less he tried his best to be useful to the Bondurant boys. He was not a major player but still effected the story line. An instantly loveable character is found in Cricket Pate. Must watch again scene: the “secret hideout”.


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5. Jason Clarke as Howard Bondurant:

Unfortunately Howard Bondurant was a supporting character (at best). It was a requirement to have 3 Bondurant brothers but it seemed to me like the script made him just a stand in. His character could be characterized as: womanizing, aggressive, drunkard, and self loathing. Must watch again scene: Forest and Howard claim their revenge


6. Jessica Chastain as Maggie Beauford:

Jessica plays a beautiful young woman in Maggie, but as beautiful as she may be there is always baggage…  A single woman from the city going to get away from it all she finds herself at the doorstep of the Bondurants. With a mixture of beauty and the right amount of forcefulness she truly made a great leading lady.


So to Summarize. This is well worth your money to pay for and go see. I have been very biased in my charactirazations here, because I just picked my favorites (but hey this IS my blog!). I cannot sing this movies praises enough. A must watch for any serious movie goer.

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