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Daily Dose of Positive.

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I thought for this positivity quote I would post the definition of POSITIVITY. Just so we are all on the same page!

Positivity adj.

1. Characterized by or displaying certainty, acceptance, or affirmation: a positive answer; positive criticism.
2. Measured or moving forward or in a direction of increase or progress.
3. Explicitly or openly expressed or laid down: a positive demand.
4. Admitting of no doubt; irrefutable: positive proof.
I know I’ve posted a lot of positive affirmations, but let’s make a special effort to be positive here people! This week is a great week!

The ‘Tough Guy’ Internet Effect

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The ‘Tough Guy’ Internet Effect.

The ‘Tough Guy’ Internet Effect

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So, what prompts me to write about our internet machismo today? Actually, just a country song by Brad Paisley called “online”. In the song he paints a picture of a 40-year-old virgin-esque type of man who lives at home with his parents. This ‘momma’s boy’ is unhappy with his life and who he is. So, he creates an online version of himself that more or less isn’t who he is.

Which, leads me into what I want to discuss for this evening… (Now, this is purely my observation so if you have some complaints take it up with _______ , okay?) Anyways, I’ve noticed that anything online gives you a certain sense of security, and with security comes the feeling of power (when it comes to the internet). Power, with the internet in mind, leads people to say or type things they would normally refrain from saying in person. Suffice it to say we forget ourselves and our manners. I myself forget this important fact at times. It is easier to confront someone through the 6 inch screen of your cell phone than it is to confront the 6 foot tall person IN person.  

Look, the bottom line is that we are in the technology age. An age where our man to man conversations are done over Skype, our phone calls have turned into IM’s, and our “water-cooler” chats have turned into texts. It has become the norm to, in a sense, hide ourselves behind the seemingly impregnable internet. We must remind ourselves that our words have real life repercussions even if we don’t realize them when we type them. *This goes for anything we do on the internet.*

My suggestion: act as if the person is in the room with you. Would you say the thing you were going to type out if he/she was standing there next to you?

So thank you Mr. Brad Paisley for giving me the inspiration to write this blog post. You are as humorous as your are talented sir.

I do not own this picture pulled from tiannabezzina’s blog (all credit goes to her)

Murphy Log No. 4

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Tuesday August 28th, 2012  3:04

So, there I was. IN TRAFFIC on 495… IN RUSH HOUR! Oh, why did the Murph go 495?! Anybody who has anywhere to go DOESN’T take 495! As usual the traffic is at a SUPER UNCOOL grid-lock… But, will the Murph be deterred from having a good day??? HELL NO! So, I crank my radio full blast on my Pandora Station, and what’s the first song that plays??? None, other than my favorite artist… Which is none other than Vanilla Ice! I was singing at the top of my golden lungs! ICE ICE BABY! A lady next to me started clapping I’m pretty sure and she offered to pay me to shut-up. Ha! If by shut-up she meant: ‘don’t sing another word until I can get your golden voice in a recording studio’ than she would be so right in saying that! Unfortunately, I get a little impatient when I’m in traffic. So, what would a normal person do in a traffic jam situation? Call for a limo to come pick you up. So I took out my awesome I-fun and looked up a limo company.

I dialed the number and someone picked up but the Murph cut him off and said “Limo now.” He sounded kind of confused, but this did not phase me. I said to the man “I want a limo right now. I’m on 495 right now. Pick me up.”

“Sir, we don’t do pickups in 495 traffic, I’m sorry.”

“No freaking way are you kidding me?! Well… How about I get out of my car and you guys come pick me up? I’ll kick in an extra 2 or 3$ for gas…”

“Uh… How much were you planning on paying…”

“A cool 13.74.” Says I.

“Not cool.” Says he.

“COOL. I’ll wait on the side of the road for you guys to come pick me up. Or I will be having words with your management…” (on google reviews I said under my breath…)

“Uh yeah okay… See you in 2 minutes.” And he hung up.

YES! I have secured my DESERVED luxury ride! So I put my car in park got out and this bozo the clown behind me started blaring his clown car horn! Again, the only logical course of action for me to do was dance on the hood of his car.

The dude started shouting that I was dancing to good on his hood so I kept on dancing. He got out to cheer me on but accidentally grabbed me. We both fell and BLACK OUT.

I’m in the hospital because I must have fell down with so much grace that my body just couldn’t handle it… But, wait… What happened to my car???

More importantly who is that cute nurse checking my vitals? Sorry sweetheart, but you just gave the Murph A HEART ATTACK!