What you’re meant to do…

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What you’re meant to do is send me $500. Only kidding folks! No need to get all riled up! But, on to what I want to talk about today.

As you all know if your current with my blog that a friend of mine Ruthann was engaged to her boyfriend and now husband Chris. Their wedding was yesterday and I am overjoyed that they allowed me to be part of such a big moment in their life. But, let’s just move on ahead. As my friend and I were riding back from the wedding we found ourselves talking about some Marines that were at the wedding. No we weren’t talking trash about them! We were talking about the kind of people who go into the military or sign on for different jobs or career paths. We both came to the conclusion that even though that path was not meant for us it could be meant for another.

There are people who are almost called to do or be something. Whether we choose to do things or not, extenuating circumstances or no, we are called to do things. It could be something as simple as you find yourself working with kids or entering the priesthood or a spiritual life. Who know! We all have different things that we enjoy or do well, and that’s what I am talking about. It’s the things that interest us and keep us ticking. Through our interests and our passions for certain things that drive us into certain fields. Call it fate if you will but to a certain point I feel like we are destined to work in a specific field. Some people were meant for the military and that’s great we need warriors, some of us were meant to be care givers; we need doctors and nurses, some of us were called to be teachers because there are always new things to learn, and on and on.

All this goes without saying: some of us never find the path we were meant for. While as unfortunate as that is it does happen. It really depends on the person and what kind of drive they have to get where they want to go. By drive I mean tenacity, talent, opportunity, work ethic, and a myriad of other traits that make successful people successful. I will not stray from my topic.

I hope that you, my readers, find your path. It may not be today or tomorrow, but I’m sure you will find your path.





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