Ruin Someones Life? I think so.

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To ruin a life or NOT to ruin someones life that is the question? Let me go ahead and lay out the story. I was on the job and whilst I was at the family’s porch… The family dog decided to “say hello” and the dog took a bite at my leg. The owner proceeded to curse at the dog and tell me how this never happens. I am %100 sure that did not make me feel better… At the time I was in shock so I said I was fine and left. Later on after I had a chance to think about it I knew I had to get the bite looked at. It’s not a serious bite but it broke the skin and you can’t be too careful with bites.

So, long story short I have to take a regiment of rabies shots. After talking to the police (animal control) he assured me I would be fine. But, I had a chance to talk to the owner: no tags, no registration, no rabies shot documentation, and the MINIMUM homeowners insurance! It was just one thing after another! It annoyed me more than anything. All he had to do was keep a record of the vaccinations and I could have avoided getting the rabies shots, but no 5 shots later and I still have to go back for more… But, he kept cursing the dog calling it a “bitch”. If he talks to me this way I wonder how he talks to people he knows? He just “wasn’t prepared” and “got behind”, but this is no excuse for negligence on the part of the owner. He has 4 kids and if the dog bit ME who knows what it could do to his kids! And, I HAD TO ASK FOR ALL THIS INFORMATION! Animal control didn’t cover any of this information… More or less the owner begged me not to press charges, and that he didn’t have much money.

So, now it comes full tilt.

If it comes to anything serious: is it better to be merciful or is it better to make sure this doesn’t happen to someone else?

On the one hand… If anything happens to me I believe he is fully responsible and besides I want my family to be taken care of. I know there is nothing wrong with me, but still rabies is one disease with no cure and will quite literally drive you mad before you die. It’s a scary thought.

ON THE OTHER HAND… If he really does have 4 kids and is as hard pressed as it sounds… Should I act? Should I let him be? I don’t want to hurt anyone.

This is the age-old dilemma… Show mercy or drop the axe. With all of the information what would you do?

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