Positive Challenge: Week 2

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So! Faithful Jesters and Harlequins how did your week 1 trash clean up go?! I know it went AMAZINGLY because you guys ARE AMAZING!

(to help you guys work on this with me I will try to post pictures of these challenges so you’ll know I am being 100% honest)

Now, we’ve entered week 2! THE DIFFICULTY LEVEL has been RAISED!

How about we try this, I’m going to take you even FURTHER out of your comfort zone! Your challenge for this week: make a gift for someone close to you. You will find that you actually have to think about the other person. That means you STOP thinking about yourself and think about another person.

The rules for this week: 1. this has to be done Tuesday August 28th, 2. preferably the gift is hand-made (but it doesn’t have to be), and 3. don’t make it pricey keep it simple!

(here’s my gift for a special young lady :] and no I just used the bag it doesn’t have Victorias Secret in there pervs!)


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