In my fathers’ footsteps (Luke, I am your father)

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“I wish I could do all the things my dad can do…” 

There is one thing that you have to understand about me dear readers: I have found myself saying this many times. After a while I heard others say it and I picked up on it. Heck, there was an article in Readers Digest about it. After taking all of this in I stopped and though ‘Why, are we just saying this, and not doing anything to fix the problem?’ Don’t worry I am one of you who likes to procrastinate until the cows come home, BUT that doesn’t mean when I see a problem I don’t try to fix it.

The answer to this problem is to fix ourselves.

We spend our time wishing we were things: ‘oh, I wish I could fix a car’, ‘I wish I could skateboard’, ‘I wish I could file my taxes the right way’, etc. NO MORE my friends. We need to stop dwelling on the fact WE haven’t done and DO. The only way to become proficient is if you try, because no one is born knowing how to do something (except maybe breath).

Our fathers, or whoever your role model is, didn’t learn how to do things right until they had been taught by others. So, we need to get up and get out of our comfort zone and do what we think we can’t. Believing in yourself is not an easy thing, but when you do amazing things can happenAnd who knows maybe one day when we’ve learned as much as our parents they will look at us and say “I wish I knew as much as my son/daughter!” .

I just want to share a quote from my dearly departed grandfather which makes more sense to me now than ever.

“You spend your time complaining, and with that time you spent complaining you could have fixed the problem.” – Emery McCourt


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