I’ll back off man. She’s YOUR girl.

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What could I possibly mean by this title? Well, let me tell you friends. I have a particular friend of mine that has a particular saying he has recently coined that I would like to share with you:

“Yeah, I saw that you were talking to that girl. So, I backed off out of respect to you.”

I find this humorous as much as I find it irksome. The fact that some guys out there have such delusional views on reality is BEYOND ME. There is a certain person who does this, but when he does it he does it in a certain way that makes him look “good”. Like he was just about to date her and then he just backed off because you came into the picture. It’s more like he tried telling a few bad jokes and was rejected. Because, who even needs to bother saying it if you already knew what was going on? And, for the record I wouldn’t have bothered to write this post if it had only been a one time deal… But, its like every other day with this guy that he’s quote unquote backing off.

This leads me into my main point: do men seek validation for their failure with women with their peers, or is it based on the upkeep of the public perception?  (to clarify public perception: friends, other girls, guys that may “threaten” the other man’s chances at getting the girl, etc.)

I, of course, have my opinion on the issue, and I also realize that every situation is different. But, at what point do you need to call a guy out on his BS? Is it necessary to stop this behavior before it becomes a problem?

My opinion: Men do seek validation from their peers AS well as try to save-face as it were. They do and say things to keep up appearances for people they want to look good for. You notice a drastic change in personality when women are taken out of or added into a situation.

How do you deal with it? Have a discussion about his behavior and tell him that it’s not COOL. The girl decides who she wants to be with, and you telling a borderline offensive “bro” joke isn’t going to get you any closer to your goal of getting her to be “DTF”.

So, ladies I understand your frustration with men (to a certain point don’t get crazy with it).

Oh, hey I saw you reading this article so I stopped reading it so you could read it first…



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