News Article: A Florida Man Donates his Family to the Miami Dolphins

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“Palm Beach- FL.   A warm sun pokes its head out above the orange highlighted waves. Charles Venger II walks along the beach every morning with his beautiful wife Terry (Theresa). Charles is a die-hard football fan, and his favorite team? You guessed it: the Miami Dolphins. Growing up he had ample opportunity to be swoon with the team by the coaching of Don Shula and the athletic prowess of players like Dan Marino, Eugene Morris, Bob Brudzinski, Manny Fernandez, and many more. Unsurprisingly his infatuation with the team translated over to his personal life. From collecting all the memorabilia he can get his hands on: a signed Reggie Bush jersey and helmet to creating an entire basement dedicated to the dolphins he affectionately calls ‘the dolphin tank’.

But, recently he has taken his dolphins love to a whole new level. He has signed a contract stipulating that his family belongs to the Miami Dolphins. The Miami Dolphins’ legal team has looked over the contract, much to their bewilderment. But, knowing a good deal when they see one they decided to jump on it. The Dolphins’ legal department have not released the details of the contract to the public just yet. Although, we did have a chance to catch up with Mr. Venger as he exited the Sun Life Stadium. “I don’t know where all this publicity is coming from. I love the team. So much so that they have been a part of my family, and being a part of a family means you chip in, right? So, I signed my family over to the Miami Dolphins to help out. Anything from cleaning the gum off the bottom of the seats to washing jock straps for the team. Anything.” He would not disclose the terms of the agreement either.
The Chairman of the Board Stephen Ross commented briefly “I have looked over the contract and found it satisfactory. They will be “helping” with the day-to-day operations all day every day.”

Charles’ wife and two kids, the boy Franklin 9 years old and the girl Francesca 11, had no idea of the arrangement. Shock would be putting it mildly. Charles had his wife sign the contract thinking it was to pay off their car loan.
A long talk will surely be raised at home, but for now they are Dolphins property.

The Dolphins have a few unexpected draft picks this year: The Venger Family. — Associated Press J. Colliluori”


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