Realtiy TV fake? The Money isn’t!

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Have you ever flipped the channel to MTV and seen the likes of Jersey Shore or A&E’s “Real House Wives” ? If you have you must have automatically questioned “How could ANYONE make money doing that crap?!” Well, believe it or not these, what I will loosely call ‘entertainers’, make much MUCH more than us for doing much MUCH less. Let me go ahead and throw a few figures out for you:

This information is pulled from “Nicole aka Snooki is generating a $10,000 fee to make club appearances.  Her fellow castmates, DJ Pauly D and Mike aka The Situation are also able to generate $7,500 per club appearance.” To reinforce the point has reported “Producers of MTV’s ‘reality’ show Jersey Shore are reported to have agreed a deal which sees the eight cast members each get paid a whopping $100,000 per episode for the upcoming season four of the popular series. It has been reported that this will be a wage based on MTV’s ‘bonus structure’, meaning that the ‘core cast’ (the best-known members of the show) could take home an average weekly total over the six-figure milestone.

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So, while we may scoff at the idea of these hooligans doing just whatever they please they do it for a reason. Money is the motivation. The more ridiculous the more money that pours in. Does it set a bad example for people? Yes. Are these people all there? No. Are they getting paid? You bet your bottom dollar they are.

Although, I must say it is unfortunate that these young men and women aren’t finding a more constructive and positive way to entertain. We all get caught up in the  drama and excitement of it all ‘What crazy things are they going to do next?!’  Hopefully we all use this an example of what not to do. For goodness, sake I hope all of you don’t try to recreate the fake reality for REAL reality without the TV.


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