Spare your feelings or tell the truth?

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Now that is the question! This is one that I have thought about a lot lately, because of a close friend of mine. I’ll go ahead and tell you about the situation. For all intents and purposes we will call him… George. Now, George is the type of guy who, like most of us guys, hasn’t had a lot of luck with women. He has his eye on a mutual friend of ours, and I support him 150% on whatever he does. She mentioned to me before that she wasn’t looking to date anyone, but he only found out about this later (so he KNOWS!). But, before he knew this I had more than one opportunity to tell him, but is it better to spare a friends feelings and let him hope or is it better to be honest and let him move on?

The truth hurts, of course, but which is the more noble course? Or is it a case by case basis sort of thing? <— Beacuase that’s the way I’ve been dealing with it. Well, if you have an opinion please share it. Agreeing with me can’t hurt either.


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