Murphy log no. 3 (it’s extra Murph awesome)

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4:36pm 8-11-12

Hello dear followers/fans of Murphy! Its the Murphinator back at ya once more! So, what I want to talk to you about today… is my experience at the mall the other day. Why? Because this is the Murph’s favorite hang out during the week! So, I was in the arcade to start off with. You know getting my Time Crisis 2 on runnin’ an’ gunnin’. But, after a while I couldn’t play any more, because I was just too good, and the machine wanted more money so it could put up advertisements that I was playing there. So, I had to run like the gingerbread man. As I was cruisin around the mall in my awesome outfit I saw a cutie that was a 20 out of 10. My lord people! If you saw the set of… *ahem* she had a nice set of shoes thank you very much! So I had to go into my “cool guy” mode. I walked right up to her and made a quick right hand turn to make sure my game plan was on point. Just as I had walked away from her I realized I was in victorias secret… Need less to say the Murph is wayyyy too sexy for Victorias Secret… and maybe because I was kicked out for trying to pick up some chicks.. But now we’re back on track! So as I waited for her to exit out of Victorias Secret I hid behind the fountain. As I was crouching down a security gaurd asked me what I was doing. I looked up at the man and i said “Hey man! I’m scouting here! Back off find your own girl!” Ha! He couldn’t compute this in his mall security brain! (I have no idea why I have such a problem with authority) He tried kicking me out of the mall, but I rain back to my car, and drove around to the other side of the mall and went right on back in. At this point I was kind of frantic to find my cutie I ran into some people, but why wouldn’t I go after the love of my life?! So I finally found her in the food court and she had gotten some Subway to eat. So I did a two-step and danced right up to her! I put on my Leonardo Dicaprio voice and said seductively “Hey babay! May I sit?”

She spit out some of her sandwich onto my brand new Rhianna T-shirt. After I wiped it off I tried a little bit “mayo… yuck” I thought. She was SPEECHLESS on how good my approach was! Seriously. I felt like a pilot! She shook her head yes, but then was worried she couldn’t match up to my awesome self. So she coughed and said “I’m sorry I’m not  in the mood…”

What was the Murph to do?! Pack it up and go home? Surrender? Hell No!

I sat down at her table. As she proceeded to speak I put my finger over her mouth and wrote my number down on her Subway napkin, and said “call me maybe.” I wanted to kiss her, but I saw the security office running toward me so I had to dip out! But, I am still waiting from a call from my soon-to-be fiancee! Wish me luck!


2 thoughts on “Murphy log no. 3 (it’s extra Murph awesome)

    87 said:
    August 12, 2012 at 4:41 am

    hahaha Call me Maybe. Next Time you should give her a note that says “you’re welcome” and your phone number down below. Like a BOSS

    jestawordonlife responded:
    August 13, 2012 at 10:54 am

    Ha I’ll be sure to let Murphy know to try that one out for size! … That is if he doesn’t get arrested… LIKE A BOSS OBVIOUSLY!

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