Classy actor of the day CHRISTIAN BALE (the Bono Effect)

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They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and right now I believe it. For a guy at the height of his career with money in his pockets he didn’t have to go visit the victims of the Aurora Colorado shooting, but out of the goodness of his heart I believe he went. Call me naive and call this a publicity stunt, but I WANT TO BELIEVE he did this out of a kind/gracious heart.

Big UPS to Christian Bale. I only wish that more actors/actresses and those of high visibility to the public might follow in these footsteps. I’ll call it the Bono effect. With this power and public exposure to the masses this could be used for so much more good than what most of these “celebrities” are doing. ‘Oh, but they are busy don’t be hard on them’ HOGWASH we are ALL busy, but we all find time to make our world better! I want our celebrities to BE the role models we want and need them to be. Its easy to do the wrong thing because it takes no effert. Being a role model takes saying ‘no’ and that kind of restraint, I believe, a lot of celebrities today don’t have.

It’s not about being ‘bland’ and ‘pristine’ its about setting a good example. So I give Christian Bale a round of applause! Keep up the good work. (Even if he’s screwed up in the past this was a great act of charity!)


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