Random of acts of kindess

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Guess what? I got you your favorite ice cream! Free of charge!

Ok, no not really… Sorry. It was just to get you in the mood to read the rest of what I had to say! Like the title mentions its random acts of kindness that I want to talk about today.

Sometimes its not the big events in our lives that we remember the most, but the tiniest ones that mold our memories. From mom putting that amazingly sweet message in your lunch box on your way to work (thanks ma!) to being the only person to stop and help a stranded motorist at midnight. Why bring this up now? I don’t want to toot my own horn, but it was because of something I did today. Goodness… there’s no way I can say that without sounding conceited can I? Well, anyways as I was making a delivery today on my way out of the building I noticed a car in the handicapped parking spot. It had some marines veteran stickers on it. As I climbed into the truck I thought to myself… “I can’t imagine what the person has been through, but I sure as hell appreciate someone who has dedicated their life to insuring my safety.” As I put the car in gear I had to stop myself I grabbed a post it note from my clipboard and wrote a note of appreciation and stuck it to their door. I still hope it warmed his or hers heart.

To often we go about our days without appreciation. Either giving it or receiving it. I say we should be the change! Those who read this blog! Be the change in this world! I challenge you to do one act of kindness today, and if you like it keep it going!

Challenge accepted. I am going to be doing this with you, and if you have an appreciation/random act of kindness story SHARE IT with me!

(i do not own this image, pulled from yahoo images)


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