The Magic and Mysticism of “donny boy” and the shamrock (Ireland)

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Ireland… More and more of late I have thought about this place. No, not because the movie has come out (okay, maybe), but it has always been on my mind since I was a boy. On my mother’s side are the McCourts about as Irish as you can get without adding a Guinness in the equation! There is just something about the land over there that I can’t explain. I guess you could say, in my case, the grass looks a little greener over on there little slice of the world (well, from what the pictures make it look like!).
The history of Ireland and it’s people have always fascinated me. From St. Patrick driving out the snakes of Ireland to the Potato famine that drove its people to look for a new world and a better life for their families. The larger than life castles of Doe Castle to Ashford Castle just thrill me to imagine just what kind of men lived back in those days. I have to be honest though over the years I have been influenced by the media… After watching such shows as “Sons of Anarchy” (when they visit Ireland) and more recently the misunderstood young woman Merida in Disneys’ Brave. They have influenced me because no matter where the camera angle went to you saw a full green land abundant for miles! The light fog that you see sometimes that hangs over the land after a rain just seems like magic to me! There is so much I want to do when I visit: trace back my ancestors, visit the localities, and experience LIFE in Ireland. Oh, yes and I can’t forget how much I’d like to meet the people! I love the Irish accent, and as I write this I think ‘I say this because I’m an outsider to that land.’ In the U.S people from foreign places are almost celebrities in a sense. We are always so fascinated to hear their stories, and learn about their lives. At least I am. And, heck there might be an Irish ‘lass’ out there for me.

There’s only one thing that surpasses my own desire to visit Ireland… That is to send my own sweet mother there. I can’t imagine how long she’s wanted to visit and never had the chance. I want to give her a gift she will NEVER forget. I would rather see the joy on her face with the chance to fulfill a dream than to fulfill my own.

I urge you, nay, I implore you: if you ever get a chance to travel the world… Take it. There is only one you in this world, and there is only one world to explore (for now). Don’t waste it thinking what you could have done. DO IT. Live your life to the fullest. I know, I will get my chance in the upcoming future, and I hope so will you. Long live Ireland.


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