Jest some poetry

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If you love somebody, set them free.

I have my hand on the door and its time for you to leave.

Money can’t buy true love. Or else I would buy your heart and mind, all for me.

What a pretty thing you are so free such unabashed beauty and joy easily can decieve

Think what you like about me now, my words and love are all wasted

Like a court house of love you are the Judge to deem me guilty or innocent, I am no longer afraid

Passed on and passed up I forgot a lesson I learned long ago and was reminded “Be careful boy, love will leave you broken and jaded”

But to me the image of you and I together in my perfect world will never fade

Like a dream you still cling onto long after you’ve awakened, I smile knowing you will always be with me in my dreams always, forever more elated.


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