All or Nothing Media

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Okay, I just want to talk about one thing today, and if you read the title like good boys and girls you will know kind of the jest of what I wanted to talk about. Seriously, the media today is outrageous don’t you think? I am by no means a far right-wing activist, but come on! From the kids I volunteer with at church to the possible kids I might have when I get older I don’t want them subjected to this. Today you go into a movie theater and you see a movie like Bruno or Jackass and you see (pardon my French) dick! You turn on a regular tv movie and you can readily find vulgarity and see ‘sexual situations’. Would you want to come home and see your 9-year-old with that kind of filth on TV. This is the media infused world we live in.

It’s the breaking down of social barriers and constraints that are allowing this to happen! If some of you are familiar with the show south park that is a good example. It is that type of show that says ‘We must be fair. All is acceptable or nothing is.’ This is what the media doesn’t understand life is not an all or nothing experience! Gone are the days of innocence on television and movies. There is no wholesome television anymore: gone are the Andy Griffiths, gone are the Cosby’s, and gone are the days when parents and people in general can watch a program without being inundated with media garbage. Another problem, I believe, is the ‘quantity over quality’ problem. In some regards I believe the media (or television and movie companies) thinks that with SO MUCH material out there it is easy to brush some of their indiscretions and half done jobs under the rug.

As a people I feel we should fight against the tide of decay! I understand the argument could be made that it could be labeled as a ‘1st amendment issue’. Being an avid believer in our constitutional rights all I am saying is… take it to where our kids can’t see it. Yes, it is the parents responsibility, but with the hectic schedules and all the other minutia that goes into our lives don’t you think we need all the help we can get?! The media needs to take responsibility themselves, and work together with responsible parents to help get this filth off of the air and away from our kids.

My suggestion for a change: 1. get the media to tighten up the censorship, 2. take some of the more risqué material to the internet 3. Parents set up passwords for age restricted material 4. Don’t allow kids to watch movies ABOVE the age level 5. The media needs to stop running movies promoting drug abuse, sex, and other questionable material.

Like my mother always said ‘Little pictures have big ears’. Our kids watch us and learn from us so we need to set the example for what is right and wrong. What is appropriate and inappropriate. I don’t want my kids growing up the wrong way. So why doesn’t the media grow up and start caring more about the kids and less about the profits.

something to mull over when you’re looking for something to watch on the ‘tube’.


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