Ask and WAIT For Hours… then Reply.

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Well, folks I kn0w some of you out there are going to say I told you so. Yep, I pretty much asked the girl I liked out and she slapped me… with a big fat no. Ha, and you thought she actually slapped me?! There’s not much else to say about it! And you know what it was my friends girlfriend that told me to do it. Me being struck by cupids arrow in the ass, because I obviously didn’t use my brain. It is very unfortunate the idea championed in the Medieval period known as ‘unrequited love’. Now I know.

They say you are limited only by your fears. So I in a moment of unabashed idiocy told her how I felt. Basically, I texted her and told her how I felt, and asked if she felt the same. So I Waited… and Waited… and Waited… I turned on the United States v. Brazil game… Ate a bagel… Waited some more… By the time she returned my text it was 3:00am. I quote these words directly ‘Woa thanks for all the compliments… but I thought we were just friends.’

As I read the words on the luminescent Iphone screen I thought calmly to myself… I LEFT MY PHONE ON FOR YOU TO MESSAGE ME THAT??? Suffice to say the rest of my sleep was inevitably ruined.

For all of my readers let me be completely honest about how I feel. I am not necessarily hurt, but I guess I read the signs  wrong and the rejection is what hurts like… Falling into an acid bath maybe? (so sorry if that’s happened to one of you, my apologies in advance). It would hurt anyone to be rejected, but its all part of the game. My friendship with her will obviously never be the same, because now I’m always going to be the guy ‘who wants more’. It wasn’t foolish to risk love. In fact it never is, but it makes you more willing to put up those walls and less willing to take those risks.

Don’t be afraid to live with an open heart.



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