Open up your heart (and I don’t mean heart surgery)

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Today, I saw a part of Mickey Rourke’ “The Warrior” and it struck a chord with me. His character was a broken man who had lived it up and lost everything. It was sad to see because his character felt like the people who were important in his life had closed the door to him even though

Simply what I want to say is: value who you have and don’t shut people out who you want to be there, because you never know when you shut the door if it might be closed forever. I’ve opened and closed many doors in my life time. Some of the doors I’ve closed… I wish more than anything I could reopen.  It’s burned in my mind the girl I shut the door on and she’ll never let the door to her heart open again. I firmly believe that instead of worrying about the past loves we need to focus on our future. Our past will stay the past and our future cannot start with our past.

They say the happiest people are the ones that keep an open heart even when an open heart leaves it open to be hurt. Keep an open heart for the ones you care about and the ones who you still want to be there, and I’m sure you won’t regret what your future holds in store.


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